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13 August 2006 @ 09:33 pm
SG: The Progeny are Uninvited  
Or, something like that. yes, for the first time I actually managed to watch SGA "live". (And boy is Sci-Fi desperate for ratings when they're promoting special features for people who watch it live, instead of, oh, Tivo or evilly downloading it off the 'Net. Not that I would ever do something like that...yes, they're talking to me, except I'm not a nielsen family, so it doesn't matter)

One of these days I will make another post which isn't an ep "review", but not today.

Whoa. I'm sorry, after Cameron arrived... I think my brain melted. Can I please, please go help entertain him in that scary, isolated log cabin with his totally insane boss for company?

Fun. Silly, mondo silly fun. I laughed, several times. (Although at least once was at the bad CGI "when animals attack!" bears)

Sam in charge!

yes, that was cool. Although my continuity-obsessed brain did point out that Reynolds is more senior than she is in rank, and he was (implied) XO back in S.8, so I felt that she probably should've surrendered command to him as soon as he returned. But I was mostly too busy squeeing about the awesomeness of Sam in charge, and Sam-and-Vala, and Sam not sitting in the Big Chair.

Apparently there are no bird colonels at the SGC anymore. Where'd they all go? Since they sure didn't go off to Atlantis, did they?

Landry in the hat is an icon-waiting-to-happen.

In between all the OMGHOT!Mitchell, I loved the acknowledgment that Mitchell has grown in his time at the SGC.

And Sam totally bluffing her way through the poker? And Mitchell's "You've been watching too much Poker Channel" to Vala? Perfect. BB and Claudia really can't help that they're smokin' hot together, can they?

I think there was more to the episode, but it was sort of a lame "Sight Unseen" clone, only even more ridiculous, so I didn't pay much attention. It wasn't all that important anyway. it was all about the moments that made this one worth watching.

Although, I must admit, my brain went to a very bad place with Mitchell and Landry and had to be forcibly extracted... ewww...


The Replicators are back.

Um. yay. I guess.

As a spoiled person for this episode, part of the tension was in seeing how quickly the team tripped to the truth, and I thought they figured it out at the right time, given the information they had (nobody was artificially stupid, IOW).

SGA's version of Fifth at least got a chance to go with them, even though -- duh -- if he can download into them, they can download into him.

The episode was okay, but I am totally underwhelmed by the thought of having the Replicators back. of all the things that were eliminated from S.8, the replicators are pretty much at the bottom of the list of things I wanted to return.

Roll on "200", which looks even more cracktastic than this week's!
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weissmanweissman on August 14th, 2006 12:27 pm (UTC)
I am with you on the SG1 epsiode, it seemd to be more about character intercation then any threat they were trying to counter. Nothing wrong with this though once in a while.

As far as SG-Atlantis epsiode , was it me or were they taking a jab at Cylons, with the whole "what it means to be alive thing". Also I found the replicators rational for wanting to destroy Atlantis rather weak.

lizardbeth: SGAlizardbeth_j on August 14th, 2006 06:28 pm (UTC)
on SGA, I don't know if it was deliberate - there wouldn't be much point, since it's not like the two shows compete. And certainly Stargate already had human-form robots, so it's not a new topic or anything. But I agree about the whole "We hate the Ancients so we're gonna go wipe out Atlantis because we can" rationale being weak. I would've preferred Our Heroes to escape or even be allowed to leave and have the Asurans left a little more ambiguously villainous.

And while I can see the appeal of new villains besides the Wraith, I suspect the Replicators are too much. They're either going to need new weaknesses that the other replicators didn't have, or Our Heroes' future encounters with them are going to reek of Plot Device to keep themselves alive. They already pulled out the "Rodney reprograms them" card -- there aren't too many more of those that are going to work. I didn't like the replicators in SG-1 for that reason, that technobabble solutions are too easy. (and I probably should've put this above but you get to be the beneficiary of my annoyance -- sorry (g))
weissmanweissman on August 15th, 2006 12:04 pm (UTC)
Yes the Wraith and bad enough why dig up another enemy a this point, and I agree with your assessment of the technobable solutions to the replicators, its get old. Hey chnaces are we might not even see thme again (Laugh)

I guess my problem is that anytime humo-form robots show uo they are automatically evil or bad. Wouldn't it have been nice if they turned out to be ambivalent or even good guys.