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16 October 2009 @ 08:48 am
thanks, Kripke, for making me think of the song. So here, now the rest of you get to, also! I'm giving that way.

blah, blah... episode... practical jokes blah, blah...


*cackles endlessly*

hmmm... so, other than the Good Omens homage, what else?

"Sit down and shut up." That was great. Actually, I thought the boy was very good in general - normal and scared, and not too Damien like.

Dean's trying to sell Bobby's as the X-Men mansion? Also awesome.

But y'know Castiel was right about that. It wouldn't have been safe. Safer than his house, maybe, but not by much, and not at all once everybody learned where he was.

Sad that he went off alone though. Hopefully some nice Australian family will take care of him, because even though he was a latchkey kid and somewhat capable of looking after himself (probably the whole point of that), still, he's not THAT old.

But in general a brotherly Winchester-y ep with an interesting "weapon" I'm sure will turn up again.



I want one. yes. Merchandising, GET ON IT.

And speaking of merchandising, Hot Wheels should get on making more copies of the Impala.