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25 September 2009 @ 10:06 am
Pet Shop Boys concert!  
Last night, I went to the Pet Shop Boys in concert. OMG what a blast!

I took some videos. They're not long, mostly snippets from the beginning to show the staging of certain songs.

And also video of the two funniest bits you can possible see at a pop concert EVER!

Besides Neil and Chris (who came out from behind his console once, to dance briefly), they were backed up with four dancers, two of them twins. Though you couldn't tell that for ... quite a while.

They opened with "Heart", which was an interesting choice, I thought. But fit well with the theme. But most of all, check out the COSTUMING.

(again, these are not the full songs, just the first thirty seconds or so)

The first song off the new album was "Did you see me coming?"

It segued into "Pandemonium"

Then they changed the staging (though staying with the BOX theme), and a bit more... urban. The dancers take off the boxes, though.

Played a nice version of "Suburbia" and then...


"Why don't we live together" -- WAIT FOR IT. You'll see it when it shows up...

Ok, then later after a whole bunch of songs (Go West and New York City Boy, for sure, which are always very popular with the crowd). The stage is pretty empty, but Chris has started the intro to "Domino Dancing", including the repeated line "Watch them all fall down". - Neil's gone off, so I know it's a costume change. And then he comes out from between the screens, and he's wearing a robe and a crown. I'm all: WTF does that have to do with "Domino Dancing"?

Nothing. THEY PROCEED TO COVER VIVA LA VIDA in the most crackilicious way you can possibly imagine, including a parody of the video with Neil stalking around the countryside with an umbrella (because it's raining) instead of the painting from the Coldplay video on the rear screens.

OMG. BRB. *dies*

Now, possibly this was funnier since we JUST were at the Coldplay concert, but still, MF HILARIOUS. (sadly I ran out of memorycard but you get the idea).

after that... gosh, there was It's a Sin, for sure. The encore songs were Being Boring and, of course, West End Girls was the closer.

OVerall, they played most of the songs of Yes (not all of them), but other than that skipped all of Fundamental and Release, and played only a few short bits off Nightlife besides NYC BOy and Se a vida E off of Bilingual (and omg, the costuming of the two white girl dancers for this song? I thought one of them was Gwen Stefani for real for about 3 seconds).

Notable skips: "What Have I done to deserve this" and "Opportunities". "Beautiful People" off the new album

Other songs played: "Left to my Own Devices". "King's Cross" "Two Divided by Zero" "Jealousy" "Always on my mind" and "Do I want to" (done like a ballet)


I wish I'd gotten a picture of the PLANT on Chris Lowe's head when they came out for the encore. THEY ARE WACKY AND AWESOME.

The end.
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entertaining in a disturbing waylyssie on September 26th, 2009 12:40 am (UTC)