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02 August 2006 @ 03:46 pm
Mitchell's Medals  
Yesterday I read something about how someone thought that Sheppard was (inappropriately) sucking up to Mitchell in "Pegasus Project." My first reaction to that was, "well, of course. They may be the same rank, but, dude, Mitchell's a freakin' Medal of Honor recipient. Of course, Sheppard (and all the other military personnel,for that matter) should be impressed."

But I didn't post anything, because I thought that I was mis-remembering. Maybe Mitchell didn't have the "Congressional Medal of Honor" after all, despite what a few websites have about Mitchell. There is an award called the "Congressional Space Medal of Honor" (given mostly in recent years to the crews of the two lost shuttles) which I thought it might be instead, and would fit with a pilot of an F302. However, on review of the ep, Sam clearly says "congressional medal of honor" and the "highest award", blah blah, so that's what they were going for.

And yet, looking at some caps of Mitchell's dress uniform in "Avalon" was confusing. It's very clear he doesn't have MoH award on his uniform. It should go first in the order, and it looks like he has the Dist. Flying Cross first. It's definitely not a MoH ribbon. Now there are real-world reasons for that, I think -- the Medal of Honor is the only award which is illegal to duplicate (it's actually patented). It's possible, though I don't know for a fact, that costuming didn't put it on his uniform to avoid any of those legal issues. But considering they make such a deal out of Cam's heroism and the awarding of his medal, etc., it seems odd that nobody tried to put some sort of suggestion of it on his uniform.

I spent quite awhile figuring out all the awards that ol' Cam has on his uniform. (I did it for Jack too, years ago). I'm obsessive like that. They're some of the unspoken backstory on Mitchell, and I like knowing it, even if it's only quasi-canon.

It was interesting to read about some of the perks of a MoH recipient gets. More money, for one. Their child gets an automatic entry into a service academy. Everyone else, regardless of rank, salutes first (something I would love to see in the show). But alas, like so many things, I think Mitchell's Medal of Honor is a tidbit that is never to be heard of again.

Maybe the whole "Medal of Honor" thing should be taken as some sort of hallucination on Cam's part, from when he was injured. Sam was never there, or if she was, maybe she said "Distinguished Flying Cross" instead.

In other Stargate fannish news, I cannot wait for Friday! I've been sitting on a Baal vid for weeks, waiting for this, hoping there are more yummy bits to use. Cuz the dude does a lot of standing and sitting around, which is not the most dynamic thing to put in a vid...
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C: cam in atlantisalessandriana on August 20th, 2006 11:43 pm (UTC)
(Wandered here from sg1_debrief)
Nice to know I'm not the only one peering closely at bad screencaps of Mitchell's chest and going, but... where is it?
lizardbeth: Mitchelllizardbeth_j on August 23rd, 2006 08:12 pm (UTC)
welcome (yes, totally was gonna answer this earlier but the cancellation thing got me kinda bummed...)

Where is it, indeed. humpf. Like I said in my little commentary (which I would've written better if I'd realized it'd be linked to -- oops), I now suspect that Cam was hallucinating it. Because we get *no* other confirmation that it exists. None at all, except that one hazy memory of his. When Walter's talking about who he is in the very beginning, he doesn't say "Mitchell has a medal of honor". Talks about his heroism with the 302, yes, but he doesn't mention the medal. And a soldier talking to another soldier would, IMO. It's just not something that people see very often so it should be gossiped about. And after that, there's been no confirmation that I can recall.

So, I don't think it exists. Which is a little sad, but perhaps the producers believed that it was excessive and backed off.

anyway, thanks for stopping by! :)
Calessandriana on August 23rd, 2006 09:11 pm (UTC)
Argh. Yes. The cancellation. :(

My personal mental handwaving theory is that he's not allowed to talk about it. At all. Because the mission was classified, and therefore him getting the medal would be classified too, right? I know there's websites out there detailing who has the Medal of Honor and why they got it, so it would be a little odd if he wore it and people went to look up what he did and couldn't find any record of it.

Of course, that's A) all kind of uber-complicated, and B) doesn't explain why Walter doesn't mention it. Hallucinating it would probably explain it better...