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11 September 2009 @ 09:47 am
A few more thoughts  

I think I might have been hasty in my presumption of God being loose. It may be true, but the reason Zach looked about ready to piss his pants, may not have been over God -- but Michael.

As I noted, Zachariah wanted Dean's consent for Michael. But Michael wasn't there. Which is hinky. So Zach is UP TO NO GOOD. (duh) But if Michael has also gone walkabout with God, then news of Michael's return would ALSO be terrifying to Zachariah. Because here's Zachariah playing some con on Dean in Michael's name, because Michael's gone, and here's news that the Big Dude is actually back. That means the players just changed, and he can't get away with using Big Dude's name, if he's actually listening.

Michael being active (if host-less) would also fit in nicely with Castiel's remade body -- Anna said something about "friends" remaking her body, which I'd always taken to be an archangel. Michael being the lead Good Guy would also get rid of the problem of God walking around, only interfering at writerly fiat, since he would presumably still have some restrictions.

However, the counter could be that Castiel said he was dead - not just his vessel was destroyed, or his Grace was ripped out, or whatever, he was dead. And if it was that easy to resurrect dead angels, then they'd never really be "dead" at all, the archangels could just remake the lower ranks to fill them out again. And Zachariah was certainly shocked that Castiel was up and about (and so badass) like he'd believed Castiel was really permanently GONE. So perhaps it was a divine miracle. (though of course, there may, in essence, be no difference between Michael and God, if Michael is following God's direct orders).

Either way there's a nice parallel with either God or Michael being loose on Earth, when Lucifer is. Like maybe one of the unforeseen consequences to Lillith and Lucifer's plan is going to be that breaking the seals, ALSO broke the seals that kept Michael from Earth (or called God back to the building...) In any case, I feel sure that since free will IS a big component of the show, we're not going to get too many "Dude Upstairs saves all their asses again" moments.

On a slightly different topic, I wonder if archangels have even LESS free will than the lower angels, given how automatically they come to Chuck's aid. But then again, that can't be true, since Lucifer was one, and rebelled. hm. And Zachariah DID plant a false vision in Chuck's head, and Chuck's archangel did nothing. Unless Zachariah IS Chuck's archangel, and that's how he knows shit and thought Castiel was dead. But clearly Zachariah is not one of the four who have seen God - So who are? And why aren't THEY doing anything? The obvious answer is that they've been told not to, and perhaps, just like Lucifer's fall, this is Spring Cleaning in heaven, where the obedient are weeded out, and we mortals just happen to be in the way. bummer.

And in other news, I'm STILL peeling from my sunburn. It's itchy and GROSS. ew.
noybusiness: lolcatbsgnoybusiness on September 11th, 2009 06:05 pm (UTC)
All very interesting thoughts.

I like peeling. Which I realize sounds weird.
noybusiness on September 11th, 2009 06:31 pm (UTC)
That answers my question. It got delayed. This is the second time this has happened to me.
noybusiness on September 11th, 2009 06:30 pm (UTC)
I could have sworn I left a comment here, and I did press post. How odd. Could it have been eaten or delayed?