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25 August 2009 @ 09:26 pm
Vacation day... um... Tuesday?  
No beach today, but the food obsession continued! We met with hubby's aunt at the big mall for lunch (mmm. haupia, which is sort of coconut jell-o) and passed various Obama landmarks from when he went to school in Hawaii. We also went to the Disney store and found the most adorable M-O (from Wall-E), who can actually clean! And okay, so it's basically a mini-carpet sweeper that can only pick up teeny bits of paper, but still! It has a little bin for debris even. (And I might be more in love with it than Kidlet, yes)

I also got new nice flip-flops, to replace the ones I've killed on the beach. Banana ice cream for dessert. yum. (and salad for dinner to try to make up for all the rest...) Beach yesterday but it was windy and rough, so we didn't get in the water much. But we were well equipped with sand toys which seemed to be enough to be entertaining.

Man, this chair in front of the computer is just hideous. It kills my back instantly and is seriously interfering with my writing. ow.

I got the news that my Ellen/Simon and Sam/Tory minis are being shipped to my house! That means I will have ALL THE CYLONS!! (I "made" a Sam before out of a Helo body, Lee head and somebody's brown hair, but the one with the tattoo is SO CUTE OMG).
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