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10 August 2009 @ 09:14 pm
True Blood - Timebomb  
man, I am kind of love with this show. I enjoy the other shows this summer, like Leverage and Burn Notice, which are their own kinds of fun, but -- I NEED AN ARC, PEOPLE. Seriously, I think I've discovered I can't be fannish about episodic t.v. anymore. There's just nothing to, um, sink my teeth into.

Everyone kicked so much ass in this episode, even if it was heartbreaking, too.

Man, where to start?

Okay, let's start with the adorable Jessica from my icon. She and Hoyt are the CUTEST THING ever! Please don't let this, um setback, destroy them! PLEASE!

"Those were screams of pleasure! Right?" heh. Aw, Hoyt. *hearts* And I also love that the first thing Bill does AFTER HE HITS LORENA WITH A FLATSCREEN TV is make sure Jessica is going to be safe. (of course, he doesn't know she's going into the Pit O Crazy Death, but he's trying).

ok, let me restate that Moment of Awesome. Bill gets free by SLAMMING A FLATSCREEN TV on Lorena. bwahahahaha. (boy is Eric gonna get slammed with THAT hotel charge. ha) Then when Lorena comes to pull her psycho bitch shit on Sookie, Sookie yells right back at her, showing no fear at all, just scrappy boldness. *hearts Sookie, too*

Godric and his Messiah complex is interesting. I'm not sure if he's exactly sincere, but he does seem to understand that this 'coming out of the coffin' thing means the vampires can't stay the same outlaws and vigilantes they've been. Eric was just so... puppy like, clambering around at his feet (metaphorically). awwww.

EWWWWW. That whole scene with Tara and Eggs was just... revolting. But mad props to Michelle Forbes who is just CRAZYAWESOME. I love her evil glee - just so Old World. I totally believe her as a maenad, there to fuck with people (especially Sam). I do shudder at the thought that Tara escaped eating Sam's heart by one drunken Andy intervention.

And man, poor Sam. Not enough he was almost killed, NO, now he gets framed for Daphne's murder. It was interesting that he has NO records at all. I hope some of that gets explored some more. Did he run that far and hard to escape Maryann way back when?

Jason gets so many good lines. And boy, you do NOT insult Sookie in his hearing because he turns into a one-man army. But the best part was the HUG OF AWKWARD with Bill.

lizardbeth: TB- Bill and Sookielizardbeth_j on August 11th, 2009 06:56 pm (UTC)
I spent like two hours yesterday, off and on, searching for more icons. gah. SHOW! Funny how it's probably entirely due to the GIANT VOID in my fannish life at the moment (I'm not sure I would've checked it out if fall t.v. had started), but it's still awesomely fun and I'm glad I did. But yeah, boy do I hear you, about the Big Bang thing. whimper

oh man, JASON. He's so hilarious and kickass all at once. Like Sookie he has a big heart, if not the ability to look ahead very far.

Maybe Godric will use his superpowers to throw Luke through the roof before the bomb goes off or something. IDK, but the weeks seem so LONG now...