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25 July 2006 @ 02:32 pm
Thoughts on "Morpheus"  
Still haven't managed to watch SGA from last week, and considering some of what I've read, I'm not sure I want to, so I'll just go on with Morpheus.

Teaminess -- this is the first time that I've felt the four members of SG-1 were working together. Of course it helped that they were actually in the same place at the same time working for the same goal. Daniel doing what Daniel does best. teal'c being the MAN, cuz Teal'c rocks. And Sam and Cam have an interesting, give-and-take dynamic that works well.

Creepy village set decoration. And a very cute little CGI lizard.

Funny lines: "Deader than a Texas salad bar." Reminds me of a story told by one of my vegetarian friends and her adventures in eating in Texas. My favorite is how she went into a McDonald's in Houston and ordered a vegetarian burger (which, in those days, was everything but the meat, not a special patty). My friend then explained what she wanted and that she'd be fine paying full price, etc. The clerk frowned at her in confusion, "You want what? Honey, this is McDonald's." Aah, how times change.

This story keeps giving, by the way, whenever I'm in a coffee shop and I order something non-fat and decaf, my husband looks at me and drawls, "Honey, this is Starbucks coffee!" Guess you have to be there... :)

Can I just say how much I love Vala studying for her psych evaluation? And her stream of psychbabble when the poor guy asks her how she is was a thing of beauty. Yep, Claudia's still has it (though in Farscape she never had the reams of technobabble that, say, AT has to wade through on a weekly basis).

And that final scene when Cam tells her that she's on board? Oh, made my little John/Aeryn shipper heart just skip a beat. So now I have this crossover pseudo-crackfic in my brain in which John and Aeryn get switched with Cam and Vala, and Sam and Daniel are, like, "What the hell is up with them?" and meanwhile John and Aeryn are being all careful about revealing what happened to them (cuz would they blurt out that they're in the wrong place? Don't think so) and trying to figure out a way home... Except I have no idea how they could get back. bah! Pesky plots. I should be one of the PTB and wave my magic wand and get them home.

resolution -- although I do think we can be spared seeing the technobabble resolution, this one felt wrong. Maybe the scene with Landry should've been them all in bed, recovering in the infirmary, rather than walking around as if nothing had happened.

I would've preferred more of the creepiness to continue through the ep, but it sort of drifted away. Better to have had Cam and Teal'c rooting around in the village rather than the cave, I think. Given that there was nothing to find anyway, they could have been looking for a hidden basement or something.

Red shirts -- as others have said, if I worked at the SGC, I would never go with SG-1 on a mission. Never. My odds of returning alive are low and getting lower every successive season I think. The problem with it is that the more the audience knows the red shirts are there for getting killed the more safe the main characters become, I think, so the sense of jeopardy goes down.

Let me join the chorus of WTF? with all the Arthur stuff. C'mon. Enough already. Although sadly that is The Quest of the season, so we're obviously going to get more of it.

So in general, I think the characters did well this time around, and the actual plot not so much.

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