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28 July 2009 @ 09:17 pm
Fic and True Blood make me crazy - TRUFAX  
I think I'm frying my brain with this Big Bang. I keep staring at the same section which needs work, and then wandering off to do something -- anything -- else. Or maybe it's summer. Or the kid. Or most likely, D, all of the above.

I tried to take a break with the latest episode of True Blood, which I've kind of gotten into sideways and backwards (let's just say it started with Michelle Forbes at Grand Slam and reading recaps, but graduated to a Must See when I saw an animated gif of Eric in the shower. Yes, I'm shallow, but DAMN). EPIC. Can't wait for next week! Good thing there are Other Means to watch shows on channels I don't actually get. The best thing about backing into the show this way is I don't have any particular character likes or dislikes, I can just go with the flow of the story. And since I never read the books, that doesn't interfere either. It's just pure WTF IS THAT!?!?! awesome

There must be more than one Supernatural/True Blood crossover out there, surely. FANDOM, DO NOT FAIL ME. It's so ... easy. *sprays anti-plot-bunny spray*

Oh man, Brian Austin Green, why you gotta go look all cool and shit in the Smallville trailer and drag me back in? *shakes fist*