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21 July 2009 @ 09:17 pm
Getting awfully close...  
I am... working on my Epic. So I am scarce still, for the next week or thereabouts. *big panic eyes* *gulp*

The hole toward the end I thought would be "short" turned out to be... not so much. Yeah. Dear Self, you KNOW when your note says something like "BIG FUCKING SPACE BATTLE AND SNARKY GOA'ULD" you might want to reconsider thinking it's going to be only a couple thousand words. So after chopping a good 10K words out of the draft, I'm putting them all back in. In a different place, but still. *sigh*


(and then I get a good laugh at the bsg_bigbang status report posts. Thank goodness I have a big chunk of that already done. Not that it's helped Tartarus appreciably, but, at least I can pretend.)