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22 July 2006 @ 05:01 pm
POTC Fannish Squeeing Ahoy!  
Finally went and saw Dead Man's Chest last night. Now, keeping in mind three very important facts:

1. I haven't seen a movie in the theaters since Inside Man back in, er, April, I think it was. So I was primed to enjoy whatever, probably.

2. I have anticipated this movie as my number one movie of the whole freakin' year.

3. I've loved Johnny Depp since 21 Jump Street, I like Keira Knightley, and I fangirl Orlando Bloom to a shameful degree.

So, y'know, YMMV, but I LOVED IT .

- "Where's the undead monkey? I need to shoot something." hee.

I went into it pretty well spoiled (I had to run off and read everyone's meta, since I knew I wasn't going to watch it right away), but it didn't really spoil anything for me. The audience pretty much always knows more than the characters do any way, which was probably a smarter way to structure the film in this totally spoilered world.

I liked how all three of the main chars had their own quest, and how that quest changed over time (i.e. Will's quest becomes his father after he secures his first). Will has certainly changed/matured since the first movie. He showed some pretty impressive tactical thinking, in addition to the standard hero fearlessness he had last time out. He took command of the Pearl, away from Jack, in an instant. That was great (and perhaps demonstrates how easy it was for Barbarossa to mutiny, as well). And oh, how he hurt when he saw Elizabeth kissing Jack. No wonder he didn't say anything about going to rescue Jack. I foresee a noble "I won't stand in your way if you want him" gesture in the next one, if he doesn't try to kill himself with recklessness first.

Elizabeth also grew on me as a character. She's always longed for "piracy", which I've always seen as her romanticized idea of living without rules and confinement that she has to live with as part of her society. This goes back to her "corsets" line in the first one. That appeal still draws her, especially facing marriage (another confining institution). But I think Jack is more of a symbol to her than reality of someone she wants. A symbol she thought she'd have no trouble disposing of and then regretting. She's practical, but she's not that hardened.

Jack... Poor Jack, it was just so hard to keep himself alive, not to mention anyone else. He was running the whole movie, hoping and praying to find a way out by the time of the next deadline. I do wonder if he would've gone through with the 100 souls bargain, if events hadn't overtaken it. Desperation makes for some hard bargains, and he's was never the most moral person anyway, so yeah, I think so.

Scruffy!Norrington was so bitter and yet so hot. But it cracks me up that his coming action figure actually comes with a rag, for washing the deck of the Pearl! Norrington with deck swabbing action! hee. I read some complaints that he should've gone after the key, when Jack ran away with it, instead of staying with Will, but I thought his jealousy over Will was pretty well established. Phrases like "your latest fiance" to Elizabeth, and the look on his face when she runs to Will on the beach, said to me that he was still in love with her.

On the bad:
- there are some sequences that ran too long. We get it, already, move on.

- the very first kraken attack was too fast. How come that ship got sucked down in an instant, and the other two conveniently took ten minutes so our heroes wouldn't immediately die?

I think I may have to write PotC fic. Sucked in.

Can't wait for number 3. With Chow Yun Fat! How awesome is that gonna be?

Off to prowl for more icons.

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