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19 July 2009 @ 10:22 pm
Weekend report  
Highlight of the weekend was definitely the concert (the rest was typical and dull running about in the warmth.)

Random notes of things:

-Big yellow balloons (twice beach ball size) dropped during "Yellow" for everyone to volleyball around. We were sitting a bit off the floor along the side and it was pretty nifty to watch all the balls bopping around. A couple made it to the stage and the guys just kicked them back out. that's one of my least favorite songs of theirs, but the yellow balls bouncing around made it much more fun.
- There were two long stage extensions into the crowd, one of which all four went out on and performed a short set, with stripped down instruments (can't really say acoustic, cuz they weren't, but definitely going for more of that feel) including "God Put a Smile on Your Face". Martin played piano out there too, for "42", and I think "Yes" too. Sad, how quickly I forget the details...
- About two thirds through, they left the stage, went to the back of the stadium, crossing in front of me (though about twelve rows down, so not like RIGHT in front of me), up the steps onto a little platform to do a couple songs, including "Billie Jean" as a MJ tribute. Then they trotted back to the stage afterward, the complete length of the field.
- Chris Martin says "fuck" every time he says ANYTHING. Especially after he fucked up the lyrics. hee.
- when he wasn't mentioning that David Beckham was going to be playing in the same stadium the following day. Poor Brit, doesn't understand that Angelenos - DO NOT CARE. We kind of want to, because Beckham's famous, but look, this city is all about winners in sports. (See also: Lakers adoration).
- The concert opened and closed with "Life in Technicolor" - with part II the final song.
- Speaking of, given the confused, near-silence when the intro to "Glass of Water" started, I'm possibly the one of the five percent of the audience who loves that song (or has heard "Prospekt's March").
- There were paper butterflies during "Lovers in Japan" blowing around, it was lovely.
- The same butterfly is on the cover of the concert CD we got as our parting gift. ("on your way out you can pick up another CD for zero dollars and zero cents, including tax". Which was almost as funny as the frequent working of Los Angeles into various lyrics when Martin was noodling around.)
- I overheard someone on the way out claim to have shaken hands with Tom Cruise. That person had much better seats than I did, that's for sure.
- "Clocks" doesn't benefit from being played so loudly, but I thought "Cemetaries of London" was much more awesome live.
- Martin's voice started out a bit tight and nasally, but that went away. Likewise I think his keyboarding was a bit... reckless, at the start. I don't know if he had to work off some beer, or didn't warm up, or what, but it seemed like the later songs were better performed technically. Kind of a shame since some of the popular songs were frontloaded at the beginning (Violet Hill, Clocks and Yellow were, IIRC, all in sequence).
- "Viva La Vida" still makes me think of Baal. And remains one of my favorite songs of theirs. Live, it is KICKASS. (except big crowds can never keep time and fail "backup" duties all the time - though I don't think we screwed up as badly as the crowd on the CD. *snerk*)

My head-desk moment of the night:
The stage had been prepped for the band to come out, and I had JUST finished telling hubby about how U2 opened "Joshua Tree" tour with the instrumental intro of "Where the Streets Have no Name" while the band wasn't visible but you could hear them. (v. awesome) And then, an instrumental intro started. So, my brain is all - "hey, they're doing the same thing, opening with "Life in Technicolor" behind the curtain (I was convinced the band would open with that, which in fact they did), and the music was familiar.

Except it was the opening intro to U2's "Magnificent" (played, I think, as a sound check. It was one of three songs played between the opening act and when the band started.) Which, I know some people claim Coldplay sounds like U2, but seriously self, the intros to the two songs are not much alike. D'OH!

non-music related yay moment:
The main road going there from the freeway was jammed. But as we approached the intersection where people with parking passes could peel out and park in a different lot, they opened up the back lot for regular people to park. We got waved out of traffic and got to park much earlier than if we'd had to follow the line of traffic to the main lot. Not that it mattered, we were inside the stadium when the opening act started, so there was plenty of time. But at least we didn't have to park off in the boonies.

I haven't been to a big stadium show in quite awhile, so that part of it was fun all by itself. Next up, Pet Shop Boys in September, at a much smaller venue. I'm kind of regretful I didn't get Snow Patrol when I could've - I had a chance for preview tix - but I suppose two Brit bands in six months is probably enough.

Anyway, long story short, it was great fun. Except for trying to get out of there, because man, traffic was crazy.

We're going to hold off on our nice anniversary dinner until next weekend.
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entertaining in a disturbing waylyssie on July 22nd, 2009 02:12 am (UTC)
<3 That is so awesome. I am HIGHLY jealous.