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27 June 2009 @ 10:08 pm
Fic: Disaster (Nellis-verse)  
Takes place in my fluffy Nellis (i.e. the Roleplay) Earth AU 'verse. I guess if I have a name for it, it's a series, isn't it? With less fluff and no roleplay this time. *sigh* I AM SORRY, MMKAY?

Link to the original porn battle post: Disaster

Kara was chopping vegetables as if they'd offended her. Onions- thwack! Peppers- whack! She knew Sam's flying was dangerous - there was a reason Raptors hadn't been approved for combat yet, after all. They were temperamental birds. But they were not supposed to blow a fuel line at Mach 2. Their pilots weren't supposed to say things like "Kara, I love you, baby," on their way into the deck, while she was listening. They weren't supposed to land in the middle of fucking nowhere on nothing but fumes.

Sam was on his way home after debrief, and she was going to be calm. She wasn't going to hit him, too much, for scaring her with stupid Starbuck-like stunts. She was going to cook a nice dinner and open good beer to celebrate his not being a smear across the desert.

The water was hot, and she'd started to saute onions and peppers when a car door slammed out front. She turned the skillet down and pulled out the beer, popping the tops. She lowered the neck of her tanktop and brought the two beers into the front hall, as he came in.

"Hey," he smiled at her. "Something smells good. That for me?" He prompted when she found she couldn't move. She nodded and he came closer to take it, and he looked down into her eyes. "You okay?" His free hand tucked her hair behind her ear, fingers on her cheek.

She might never have felt his touch again. This morning's kiss before dawn might have been the last. She grabbed his hand and yanked him down, needing his mouth on hers again. He fumbled to put the bottle on the side table, to frame her face, fingers in her hair and lips on hers. She pushed into him, clutching his shoulders, tongue in his mouth. He tasted of desert sand and sweat. He tasted of being alive.

He pulled back trying to slow her. "Kara, it's okay. Nothing happened."

"Shut up," she ordered, bottle clinking next to his so she could yank his t-shirt off. "I thought --" She couldn't say what she'd thought, and moved to his pants. BDUs fell to the floor, and she wrapped her arms around his waist, hands stroking up the warm skin of his back.

"I know what you thought," he murmured into her neck, dropping his hands to her waist and hips to push down her shorts. "It was close."

"You should've punched out, moron." She hit him with her fists once, as he bent to kiss her collarbones and the hollow of her throat.

"Crash a billion dollar plane? I'd never pay it off," he joked, lifting off her shirt to find her breasts eager for his touch. His thumbs stroked the swell underneath, while his fingers brushed the tips, while she shut him up with her mouth on his again. Her leg curled around his hip, pressing into his thigh, thin cloth of her panties the only thing between them and it was too wet to be much of a barrier to feeling anything.

Then his hand was there too, and her fingers were curled around the waistband of his shorts, forgotten what she was going to do as he stroked her into a shuddering panting ball of want. Then she was ripping down his shorts, and he slipped his hands around the back of her thighs like he was going to carry her, but thought better of it. He pulled her into the living room to the rug. She crawled up his body until she could ease herself down on his length.

"Kara..." Her name was soft on his lips like a prayer.

"Sam," she braced herself on his chest and bit her lip before forcing the words out. He looked up at her, eyes half-lidded with desire, as they found their rhythm. "Sam, you better - you better - next time..."

But the feel of him deep inside was too much, and she tightened up with a heaving gasp. His hands grabbed her hips to hold her still, as he finished inside her, forcing aftershocks all through her body. When he peeled his fingers from her, she let herself fall forward onto his chest, dog tags entangling and hot.

He smoothed her hair. "It's not a safe thing we do, baby," he murmured. "I can't promise to always come home."

She whispered into his chest, "You didn't give me a chance to say I loved you back."

"But I know." His hand slipped down the tattoo on her arm. "This means forever. This life and the other side, too." She roused to kiss the tip of his arm, then put her head down to listen to his heart.

Then he sniffed. "Kara? You're hot, but is something burning?"

"Damn it!"

She streaked to the kitchen to save dinner. They ended up with jar sauce on their pasta, and a lingering stench of burned onions. But she'd take a cooking disaster over the disaster that might have been.

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lizardbeth: Kara-Anders Rapturelizardbeth_j on June 30th, 2009 03:22 am (UTC)
hee, I figured with three fics set in the same AU, I should probably give it a name and a tag of its own. Even if I never intended anything more after the first!