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16 July 2006 @ 04:49 pm
Gate thoughts and writing update  
Let's see, update:

It's HOT again. Still. It sucks.

Finished the PWP that was eating my brain. Thank goodness (and thanks, Cade, for stopping by for the helpful pretty (g)). Now I just have to get it checked over, and make sure I haven't totally lost all my slash ability. It's been a long time since I've either read or written any.

Mostly done with the prize ficlet. :)

Now to work on the contest/challenge fic and Tartarus (which could, I suppose, if I'm extremely ambitious, also fit a category for the contest, but it's already over a hundred pages long and nowhere near finished). It's such a relief to be done with the draft and main editing of the BDF, I tell you. It's amazing how much more time and energy I have for writing with that off my plate.

Onto Stargate thoughts:

Chekhov. Waaaa!
Chulak. Waa! (although honestly, why is anyone there? Didn't Apophis bomb it to glass?)
Bra'tac -- yay!

Was anyone else mildly disturbed that they left all the other Jaffa to die on the ha'tak? Skeleton crew is not the same as no crew, but Cam only slapped a locator on Bra'tac. Not that I'm complaining, mind you, that Bra'tac's still with us (may Bra'tac live to be 150!), but I did have a bit of a qualm about that. And it was rather funny that Mr. "I'm making a suicide run" Mitchell was the one to give the futile death speech to Bra'tac. Although with any luck that means Mitchell's learned his lesson and we'll see less of the impulsive, recklessness of last season.

Daniel and Vala finding each other was rather too convenient, but after that, it was fun. They do play off each other so well. I felt for her with Adria too. It would be horrible to see your child (what is supposed to be your child, anyway), not only grow up like that, but also spout all that hideous propaganda. The kid was appropriately creepy. But I'm really looking forward to her adult version -- Morena Baccarin being evil, that's gonna rock.

Nice that someone (Cameron?) finally pointing out that the Ascendant rulebook is a piece of crap. Because I always want to take a stick to all of them. Big hypocrites. It would be awesome if Adria was right and the Ascendants really were sucking off the energy in our galaxy, but I don't think that's possible, since they're never shown as being worshipped by anyone, except maybe the Jaffa in a sort of limited way.

Daniel in a silly costume, always a plus. But I love the set decoration on the Ori ships, it's so unlike the sterile SG and goa'uld ships. Although I would guess the other ships aren't quite so nice, since Vala's on the flagship with the Ori Messiah Girl.

Overall, a decent tie-up of the cliffhanger and setting up the arc for the season, with some good moments for everyone.


After the big battle scenes in SG-1 I was a bit burnt out on the pretty effects on this one. They looked nice enough, but I couldn't pay attention.

Some very funny lines, by Shep and McKay especially. And Ronon grows on me by the episode. When McKay is annoying, he's a nice laconic balance.

Michael is becoming more interesting. I'm glad they got Trinnear back for the role, too.

Is there anything more awesome than Lorne and Zelenka? Though I was so worried they were both gonna die (as I was not worried for anyone else.) Though Lorne's presence does point out that it really makes no sense that Atlantis has so few commanders, now that it's an established colony and all. The SGC is practically crawling with colonels, there really ought to be more on Atlantis (I know, I know, then Shep couldn't be the military CO...).

I was very pleased to see Weir recalled. I was also glad to see her take the interfering, ass-covering committee members to task. I was, however, less glad to see that her attitude seemed to be that, so long as everything turns out okay in the end that it somehow makes her decision less idiotic. I was also a bit upset that her regret gets cheered up -- it reminded me very unpleasantly about how Sam's self-blame for her idiocy with Replicarter was also brushed off. Landry should have agreed that it was a mistake, and yes, if the Earth had been destroyed, she should have some (not all) of the blame. She ought to lose her job. She really should. In the real world, the fact that things turn out all right isn't enough to make enemies back down. And she made enemies. I do want to like Weir, and sometimes I do, but other times she has this attitude of entitlement that irks the crap out of me.

Anticipating next week. Especially the BSG preview... :P

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Tels: Cadetelscha on July 17th, 2006 05:59 am (UTC)
Cade says he's glad he was useful :) See he even showed to tell you himself. He's looking forward to readig the fic now its finished.