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06 May 2009 @ 09:51 pm
Auction awwww  
bummer. I'm now really glad I went to the con. The Auction guests aren't going to be there until 5 pm and later and I can't stay there all day. Damn, I'll have to get Grace Park to sign something another day (I'll bring the stuff just in case but I probably will have to leave before any of them arrive). I'm still going, but just to see the stuff.

John Cho was on the radio this morning, promoting Star Trek, of course. He sounds like a fun guy to hang out with.

In other news, drivers have somehow gotten EVEN WORSE, around here. Now it's a plague of people who sit there when the left arrow turns green. What's up with that?

Kidlet went to the doc for his follow up on his hand surgery (He was born with two webbed fingers and they were divided when he was a baby). A few years on they want to check to make sure the webbing's not regrown or the scar tissue made it heal crooked or whatever. So anyway, he's fine, as we knew, but it's nice to have confirmed. The surgeon did a splendid job and we took really good post-op care of him. However, not so splendid, sitting around for two hours for a consult that was maybe four minutes long.

Ah, the smell of smoke in the air. Must be summer in LA.