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07 April 2009 @ 10:08 pm
It actually rained today! Only a little, but still. I thought for SURE the weather chick was making it up yesterday just to make her job more interesting.

Short Person has his first loose tooth! whoa. Big kid step.

In fannish news, I read the Terminator Salvation prequel. It's not brilliant literature, but Zahn introduces a lot of characters and a lot of action pretty deftly. There is Wee!Kyle being badass, and John and Kate being awesome, and some other cool characters that I genuinely can't tell who will be in the movie and who won't, so that's good. It's a fun, short read for a tie-in (and one that has to end at a specific place, at that). If they keep all this up in the movie, I'm gonna eat it up with a spoon. But that was sort of a given, with all the guns, robots, and post-apocalyptic setting, as long as it doesn't totally suck and scruffy Christian may be a factor. yes. Since I'm a little bit in love with the NIN trailer, I think it won't suck.

I've been charting the plot for Ariadne (y'know, all the stuff that normal writers do BEFORE they hit 20,000 words). It's generally not anything I don't already know, but I find it very helpful to organize the timing, find places where I need to move scenes around or add new scenes, and track the pov changes. I wish I'd put the whole thing in omniscient pov to get the stuff happening 'over there', but since I always feel like I'm doing a bad Jane Austen impression, maybe it's better not. I also wrote out Sam's entire bio and some other housekeeping notes (very important when you have multiple prophecies running around *g*).