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03 July 2006 @ 05:06 pm
TV Shows meme  
I actually did this one a few months ago, but didn't post it. I thought I'd do it again and see how different it became (when I didn't remember specifically what the questions were for each position). Interestingly Babylon 5 and Battlestar Galactica kept their same positions; SG-1, Farscape, and Jeremiah stayed on the list, but changed position. The only change was Deadwood for X-Files. I still love X-Files, but I wanted another show that's actually on the air.

1. Stargate SG-1
2. Babylon 5
3. Farscape
4. Jeremiah
5. Deadwood
6. Battlestar Galactica

1. Who is your favorite character from 2?
Although I pretty much love everyone on B5, for different reasons, the person I wrote the most fic about was Sinclair. Me and about four other people. lol It was a teeny tiny corner of Fandom.

2. Who is your least favorite character from 4?
Unfortunately it's probably Jeremiah himself. Although I think Luke Perry did a good job (surprisingly enough, to me), the character was a weight on the show. His quest wasn't nearly so interesting to me as what was going on around him.

3. Crossover between 1 and 5?

Since Deadwood is based on a real place and time, SG-1 would have to time travel. The Ancient-time-travel-pod-mishap Plot Device would work. Teal'c would love being there. Daniel would be fascinated. Jack would probably get along fine with both Bullock, Star, and even Sweaerangen. It's only poor Sam I can't see really appreciating her time there. I have visions of her pulling a Spock in "City on the Edge of Forever" and Macgyvering future tech. Stop me before I write this.

4. Favorite ship from 6?
Helo/Sharon. 'Nuff said.

5. Set one person from 3 and one from 6 on a blind date:
Aside from the potential confusion of look-alikes, I'd love for Markus and Roslin to have a conversation. He'd be totally appalled by many of her choices and she needs someone with his moral fibre to smack her back to her senses. But Jeremiah and Kara on a real blind date would be a hoot. They'd get drunk and she would totally frak him.

6. If you could meet one person from 4 and spend the day with them, what would you do?
Markus. And probably follow him around like a love-sick puppy all day. It would be pathetic and embarrasing how much I would fangirl him.

7. If you could change a plotline in 2, what would it be?
I would keep Sinclair there the whole time and let the saga play out as originally intended.

8. Explain a relationship in 5 and why you like that relationship:
Although I love Seth/Alma, I also love Seth/Sol (not so much as a slashy thing, even though I know people do). They're very interesting, because they work together so well; they complement each other in behavior and in ability. It's just a great relationship. The real Star and Bullock seem to have been just as fascinating, if not more so, at least in the little I've read about them.

9. If the lead characters in 1 and 3 were drowning, who would you save?
Damn, I'd be very sad to lose either, but I'd have to go with Crichton who has more people who need him. I think Jack would agreee, as well, which would help. Although this becomes a very strange question for SG-1 S.9, since I then would have to choose between two Browders. I'd still save John Crichton though, for the same reason.

10. Credit order:
I want Cliff Simon to be in the front, because then it would be The Baal Show. I'd love a pseudo-reality show about all his clones hanging out, plotting world domination, having sex with each other and eating take-out Chinese. Man, would that rock.

11. If you could add a new character to 6, who would it be?
Well, we got the priestly Cylon I was looking for, so hmm. I think Peter Stebbings or JR Bourne need to be cast as a Cylon. They're Canadian, it could happen! And they would be so good -- Peter's got that dangerous prophet/leader vibe down, and JR can be both incredibly sweet and totally evil. sigh

12. Favorite episode of Show 2?
"War Without End". No question. Hands down. While there were other great episodes, that one blew my mind. I wrote more fic based on that two-parter than I have for any other show or episode.

13. Who would you kill on 1?
Can I kill the Jack/Sam 'ship? If no, then I'd like to kill Stupid!Jack. There is nothing better than competent, snarky warrior Action!Jack. But he did stray into the Dunderhead category and it irked me every single time.

14. 3 or 5 set visit?
3, if it was a shooting day for PS.

15. Who would you date from any of these shows and why?
This is not the same as the frak meme, by the way. Here I'm trying to think realistically more long-term dating and presuming that some reasonable fascimile of me was in their universe and there were no other romantic entanglements. It's hard, because so many of the interesting guys are interesting because they are completely f'd up. As much as I love Helo to bits, I have a hard time separating him from Sharon, so... no.

Maybe Gaeta -- he's hot, he's smart, plays cards, and is fairly free of issues (quite possibly a toaster but ignoring that). Ironically, I suspect that while I would never in a million years want to date John Crichton, even with Aeryn and the baby not around (which I can't even fathom), Cam Mitchell would be fun for awhile.