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25 March 2009 @ 09:42 am
Because Harry Potter wank is SO last year...  
The "unofficial" "tribute" "sequel" to the Twilight saga (a.k.a. someone attempting to publish fanfic again):


(which, no, apparently has nothing to do with potatoes. But rather with Jacob. Yes, Jacob. "Russet". You can draw your own fail conclusion there. But if her native american culture is as well researched as copyright? I can't even imagine.)

Or catch the Fandom Wank report.

No sign of the drama queen or her publisher yet. *sad* I keep refreshing FW hoping for good stuff.

But I found out that Meyer thanks Cassie Clare for a peek at her new novel! Next she'll be thanking Steve Vanderark for his help.... and the world will implode or fall into a wank singularity or something. *giggle*

(Lulz aside, I hope someone smacks this chick into some brains before it goes to court -- she's apparently her own "publisher" so that's no help...)