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13 March 2009 @ 09:34 am
Supernatural: Death Takes a Holiday  

It's hard enough having a whole episode about DYING, and THEN, to put your tribute to Kim Manners at the end? GAH. I was doing okay until that dedication came up, and even though I didn't know him personally or anything, there were tears in my eyes. It's like the end of The Crow, where I tear up every single time I see that "for Brandon and Liza" dedication at the end. *sniffles*

(I have, I admit, gotten a whole lot more weepy in general since Kidlet was born. I blame hormonal imbalance.) I DO NOT NEED THIS RIGHT BEFORE BSG IS GOING TO RIP OUT MY HEART AGAIN, SOME MORE.

Anyway, the actual episode, if I can see it through my tears.

Tessa's back! I love her, and her awesome otherworldliness. She's very cool. But oh, why'd you have to go and tell Dean he really is alone and his new angel BFFs aren't out for his best interest? he needs some kind of hope, even if it's not entirely clear-eyed. And really I don't think Castiel needs MORE back-talk from Dean - he is trying to save Earth, whatever other agenda may be playing out. But Reapers don't have to be helpful or get involved- and she didn't even seem all that upset that the demons were trying to kill her as part of the war.

Sam is in BIG trouble. And he's ramped up his powers a lot. damn. Because let's parse this for a moment-- Alistair can kick Castiel's ass (though I suspect some of that was since Castiel couldn't use his true form because he'd kill the mortals who were there too), and now Sam can kick Alistair's? NOT GOOD. and yet, really, ridiculously HOT. Jared is so much hotter to me when he's being sort of evil than puppy!Sam.

Oh and I shouldn't forget the excellent continuity with last ep, and Dean's bitter "I don't want to hold you back', and how Sam tells him he didn't mean it. And yet continues to completely and utterly hold out on what he's doing with Ruby, even though Dean KNOWS he's lying. Who you trying to protect Sam? Cuz it sure isn't Dean. LISTEN TO PAM, DUMBASS. "You think your intentions are good. They're not." That's not even a "Your intentions are good, but..." statement, that's a "You're totally wrong, dude."

Not!Bobby being a literal 'deus ex machina' is hilariously perfect. Oh, Castiel, you're right, that Dean totally does the opposite of what you want, but perhaps if you were HONEST, you'd get farther. just sayin'. But dude does know how to make an entrance when he wants to.

Pam. *sniff* When I said I could only tolerate her in small doses, this isn't what I meant! bummer.

Good use of the kid. Both as a plot mover, and to illustrate the difference between Sam (WHO LIES), and Dean, who doesn't. Plus the actor was really touching when he's watching his mom crying over his baby book. aw... (*sniff* DAMN YOU SHOW)

You just know if this had been an Edlund episode we would've gotten a meta comment about how ghosts don't fall through the floor. But still, it's always fun to see characters be intangible for whatever reason (and Dean didn't even mention going to find some hot chick in the shower, so you know he's in a bad mood).

I'll be glad when Alistair's dead. At least Heyerdayl's more menacing that previous dude, even if he still has to do the Brando voice. Maybe they'll let him ease up on it a bit.

more wacky angel/demon hijinx next week!
carpenyx: spn | dean | pissedcarpenyx on March 14th, 2009 04:05 am (UTC)
I'm digging Heyerdayl's portrayal of Alistair, the voice is a bit weird for me, but nonetheless I likee. :)

Aww, Sam. He really has lost his way :( and I LOVE Tessa... and I didn't want Pam to die either. :(
lizardbeth: Dean and Castiel - help from abovelizardbeth_j on March 14th, 2009 06:29 pm (UTC)
It'd be hard to bring Tessa back again, but I hope we see her again. She's awesome.

And eek, about Sam. I'm not sure he's all the way off the slippery slope yet, but it can't be far.
noybusiness on March 18th, 2009 08:24 pm (UTC)
Someone needs to sit Sam down and make him watch the Dark Willow arc.

I wonder if our other Sam met Tessa during his coma.
noybusiness: Leoben/Anders/Starbuck threesomenoybusiness on March 20th, 2009 06:49 pm (UTC)
It was weird seeing Gage in the intro.