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28 June 2006 @ 04:12 pm
Potter Prognostications  
Since JK Rowling's publicity machine spat out some vague spoilers relating to book 7 lately, and fandom has been speculating like mad (again) about who's going to die, I thought I'd list some of my predictions for Book 7. For everyone's future amusement at how right/wrong I'm going to be. :D I was going to do this earlier, before I ingested so much meta and other people's predictions, but better late than never.

She revealed that a character was going to live, who she had previously marked to die, and two were going to die, that she had previously thought would live. Or at least that's how I interpreted what she announced. Not that it matters since we don't know who she had decided to live and die. Though I'll speculate anyway: Hagrid was originally going to die, but now he's going to live after all.

First, I believe quite firmly that Snape is working against Voldemort and has always been against Voldemort. (This doesn't make him a good person; it makes him Voldemort's enemy). Despite JKR's attempt to smokescreen the issue, there's just too much that doesn't add up. Small stuff that other people have pointed out, but for me the important point is structural. If Snape's in Voldemort's camp, then he has nothing to do in Book 7 but follow Voldy around and nod his head a lot. Why create this perfectly grey character and have hiim reveal his true allegiance with one book left, where he can only be a minion to the Big Bad? I just don't see the point. But if his job, story-wise, is to be the deep cover operative and send some secret intel to Our Heroes, then it makes sense. Harry's going to hunt his ass down, but eventually find out that he was wrong in his assumptions. Right now Harry still sees in black-and-white and he needs the grown-up lesson that people come in shades of grey. That's Snape's purpose thematically, I feel. If he's just evil, then Harry was right all along, and Dumbledore was an idiot. As a reader and a parent, I think that's a bad message to send, and I hope she does too.

Ok, that one out of the way, here's a checklist for later so I can see how I do.

1. Snape will die near the end, saving Harry from Nagini.

2. Harry will not die, but he will lose his scar.

3. Harry's scar is LV's last Horcrux, created accidentally at Godric's Hollow. I hate the idea, personally, but I believe that's where JKR's going.

4. Two Weasleys will die. (Charlie and Arthur? I'd like to think the twins live, so they can learn something)

5. Voldemort will be de-Horcruxed and fall/be pushed through the Drape of Doom. Where Sirius will open a can of whup-ass on him.

6. There is a Horcrux at Hogwarts in the Room of Requirement, but it is not the tiara. We will not see it until Harry goes in there to fetch the potions book, somewhere early in the book. It's the Cup. (because you can't tell me Riddle went to ask Dumbledore for a job he knew he wasn't going to get purely to put a curse on that job. No, he went there to hide a Horcrux and what better place than the RoR?)

7. Someone will die at Bill and Fleur's wedding, neither Bill or Fleur. Neville? I'm pretty sure Nevile's toast at some point, maybe avenging himself on Bellatrix.

8. Snape's new changed patronus will be a phoenix. I don't know what his old patronus was, but I'm partial to the Dragon theory, because I can see why JKR would keep it a secret, even though it oughtn't to have mattered, since we haven't seen it.

9. Snape will send messages/warnings via his changed patronus to Harry and Co. who will not know who they're from, but will hope that they're from Dumbledore. Hermione will figure it out, but not tell Harry.

10. Aberforth will eventually clear up the Prophecy mystery with Harry, when Harry finally figures out who he is.

11. Madam Pince is Eileen Prince-Snape in hiding, and she was always Dumbledore's surety for Snape. My guess is that LV wanted Regulus to kill her as proof of his loyalty and to punish the pureblood who married a muggle. Regulus grew alarmed, warned his buddy Snape, and started acting against Voldy. Snape came to Dumbledore in desperation, and Dumbledore helped him fake her death. They were intending to do the same for Regulus, but were too late.

11b. If Eileen is *not* Pince, there's still going to be some revelation about Eileen to come. Because honestly, at this point, what else is there for the "classified and important Hogwarts' staff spouse"?. Flitwick? Dumbledore himself? We know next to nothing about most of the teachers so in most cases I can't see where their spouse/relative would matter. And I tend to think JKR is cagey abotut everything surrounding some important plot point, no matter how tangential the question, because the answer may lead to another question she won't answer.

12. RAB was Regulus Black, who placed the false locket in the cave. The locket in OOtP is, in fact, "The" locket, and it'll be the first one Harry finds. Which is, like, four predictions, but I'm pretty confident. Though I do find the "Cave Horcrux" theory rather persuasive, the more I think of it. because it would be perfidous indeed for Voldy to hide one of his Horcruxes (the locket) inside another Horcrux (the water of the bowl). But I suspect it's just my "Shiny Theory of the Week" and I'll pick holes in it later, so I'll keep the tried and true on the list.

13. Pettigrew was at Godric's Hollow. Snape was not, although he did attempt to warn the Potters' that the attack was coming, and James rebuffed him. Harry will get this from his own head, in the Pensieve.

14. the ravenclaw artifact is the wand in Ollivander's shop. Ollivander took it into hiding with him -- he'll emerge to get it to Harry, but it will not be a Horcrux.

15. Dumbledore. sigh I used to be a lot more sure he was really dead. I still think he's dead for good, but he's got some 'splaining to do about what really happened on the Tower. I will not, however, be all that surprised if he faked his death. In fact, my main reason for believing he's dead is JKR's oft-quoted insistence that dead is dead and she doesn't cheat (in reference to Sirius' death, but presumably applicable here as well). But there's some wiggle room, so that's why I'm not sure.

16. Snape and Lily. I am sure that they got along for awhile, probably worked together in Potions, and he admired her. All the characters talk about how much Snape hated James, and there's this deathly silence about what he felt for Lily... there's something there that JKR is hiding in the nothingness. What the shape is, exactly -- whether he loved her or not -- I don't know. I doubt we'll even get it spelled out for us. But there was something and we'll get some hints of it.

That's all I can think of for now. Phew! It's sort of tiring to lay them all out like this for all to see. :)

boy, am I going to be embarrassed if they're all wrong!

Anyone else want to play? I'm always up for HP discussion/theories...
crowdaughtercrowdaughter on July 11th, 2006 11:36 pm (UTC)
Hi, Lizardbeth! I found your journal following a link from lotr_crit, and I am glad did; I have been a fan of your lotr story arc for quite some time. May I friend you?

And if I am allowed, to take part in this little game here: I agree that the locket in OotP is *the* Locket, and that one of the Horcruxes is in the Room of Requirements; also that Snape is in truth against Voldemort. I also agree on RAB being Regulus Black (must be!). But I think the last Horcrux is not Harry's scar, but Harry himself, and he will be the one to die. Harry's affinity to Voldemorts powers, the fact that his wand is the twin of Voldemorts,that he can somehow 'see'into Voldemorts mind - all that hints at Harry himself keeping a part of Voldfemort.Just the scar would not do it, I think.

I also fear greatly for Ron and Hermione. Killing off somebody who is on the fringes does not give great drama, and the end of that arc will be dramatical, I think. I am not sure in this case, though.

However, I am alwaysasking myself if Neville will not play a role in bringing down Voldemort. He *is* the second choice for the boy to whom the prophecy could apply, after all. That would be really unexpected - and why set up a character like Nelville, who is so slow and forgetful inall tghings, if not to give him a big, shiny moment at the end?

Interesting theory about the wand...

Greetings to you and Cheers,

Aislynn Crowdaughter
lizardbeth: legolaslizardbeth_j on July 12th, 2006 02:12 am (UTC)

I feel like I should put my pillow over my head and crawl away very quietly... yes, I remember you wrote very nice things about Broken Fellowship, and I was the total loser who never finished it. *eep* sorry about that.

Friend away if you like, and I'll friend back. I don't talk much about LotR, since my fandoms are mostly Stargate and Galactica these days (with a side of HP meta). Although maybe if I have more people on my flist who like LotR I could talk about it more. it's sort of a supply-demand thing.

But of course you can play! I love HP theorizing stuff.

Re: Harry. While in general I agree with you that the powers/abilities that Harry has gained suggest that Harry's got Voldy in him someplace, I tend to think it has to be contained in a vessel of some sort. Otherwise, Harry would be possessed by Voldemort, much like Ginny was in COS. I think harry himself would be far more evil (or even more neutral) but instead he isn't. When he was in Voldemort's presence, it was only the scar that hurt -- two fragments of LV 'rubbing up against each other' maybe? The fragment in the scar trying to get out and return to its home body? Something like that.

I figure Harry's going to *believe* he has to die in order to get rid of it -- walk through the Drape of Doom, bringing LV with him, is my guess. But he'll come back somehow. I don't think JRK's going to kill him. There's a quote where she talked about how tempting it was, but that suggests to me that she isn't planning on it. As for Ron and Hermione... depends on how much of a bloodbath the book really is. Probably Ron, if either, but, I'm not sure. Like I wrote above, I'm pretty certain that at least two of the Weasley's will get killed, but which two?...

And Neville is totally gonna get his moment in the sun. I've got no idea what, but it will bring out the tissues.

Thanks for stopping by (and for not bitching me out about Fellowship... ) :D