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01 March 2009 @ 10:09 pm
Someone to Watch Over Me  
*kicks Time Warner again for making me late, screwing up my weekend, and just on general principles*

I've now watched twice (plus the teaser about four more times, because it's the only part I had in my glorious high-def with great sound. *sob*) I love it the second time, and I liked it a lot the first time.

First, okay, Bear is a fucking genius. From the opening montage, music is just a whole other character in this episode, that informs and underpins, and just - GUH. Reading his blog entry on this episode explains why, in that he was brought in from the beginning (rather than the usual near the end). Just beautiful how the music weaves it all together - both Kara's story of accepting her past, her love, WHO SHE IS (maybe not exactly what she is, yet, but that's OUR question, not hers. By the end of the ep, the point is that the question is no longer taking over her life), and the flip side of Boomer totally rejecting what she is (a feeling person), not to mention who she might have been, if she had made other choices.

I. Boomer

Oh Boomer. I am sad to be right, that Ellen's "escape" was a set up, but I didn't think she'd go THIS far. And because I was suspicious of her from the start (I also didn't like her little smirk when Galen recognized her), the music cue when she realizes Galen's there seemed very ominous, so I was waiting for it to go bad. But I have to admit, like Athena, she's picked her side and now she's sticking. Too bad it's the side of screwing everybody over and blaming everybody else for everything. I have a, um, far less rosy point of view on Boomer than some -- I think she was playing him the whole time. And while I think she truly did love Galen before... now? no, I think one of the few things she said that was true the entire time was that she felt betrayed. I mean, for real, she's been exposed to Cavil's Anti-Final Five propaganda all this time, and you think she's back because she LURVES Galen so much? Bull. If she'd loved him, she would've stayed. No, this is the end of her road -- she started out a victim, but she's a player now. She could've jumped off the vengeance train and she didn't. And at the end when she asks him to come with her, all I could think of was NOOOO, don't give Cavil another Fiver to torment endlessly. Or heck, maybe Boomer wouldn't mind setting up a little dollhouse for herself and Galen to play in - I imagine it would amuse Cavil just as much.

Aaron wasn't kidding when he said Tyrol's judgment was cloudy, was he? And here I was thinking he just meant the thing about the Cylon vote. ha. But Tyrol's been in a downward spiral for a long time, so getting his dream (literally - oh well played, Boomer) made him grasp it by the ... wrench. I hope he didn't kill that Eight, but it doesn't matter really, considering the rest of the harm he did by NOT THINKING. Beautiful moment by Aaron when Tyrol realizes how deeply he's been played when he sees the Agathons reaming out the deckhand over Hera's loss ("How can you let a three year old walk right past you?!?"). And Chief tries to escape into his dream house, only to find it's just the vacant shell it always was. Chief's got some atoning to do.

Speaking of that projection, it was really creepy that Boomer put basically an OLDER HERA into her Sims house. Of course it makes sense, both from the fraud point of view of grabbing Tyrol by the throat and nature that they'd have a Hera-like kid, and YET, considering what she does? Yeah, she's still pissed that Athena "stole" her life and was the one that got the miracle baby while she ended up with nothing.

oh and WHAT she does. Finds Athena, beats her down, ties her up, shoves her into a toilet stall, channels her memories to frak Helo (which diverts him from getting suspicious, but it's not like she doesn't know Athena's RIGHT THERE either), gets dressed, grabs Hera from day care, gets her to drink something (which she had to acquire, btw, from either the place they sequestered her own stuff or wherever that stuff is stashed on Galactica. Suggesting there maybe yet more victims out there). Stuffs the unconscious kid in a crate. Gets Galen to help her load it aboard. And then because she hasn't quite twisted the screw enough yet, invites him to join her and says she meant everything she said, even while she's getting ready to let him swing in the wind. It was really kind of awesome, which is why I'm spending so much time on it, I guess.

Part II: KARA.

Kara's month of mind-numbing routine: the same bad jokes at the briefing, the same desperate hunt for a livable planet, the same heart-breaking lack of change with Sam, the same getting drunk at Joe's just so she can sleep.

And in comes... Head!Daddy. Considering the last time Kara got a visitation, she died, not a big surprise she'd get another this close to the finish line. Last time was to deal with her mom's abuse and neglect, but this time to get her past that, to something good and the parent who loved her. Perhaps he didn't love her enough to stay and protect her, but she forgives him for leaving. She has her own terrors comforted (who/what she is, Sam leaving her). In the end she plays her father's recording and sleeps peacefully with Sam, not her lonely bunk -- this is not the same woman jarred out of a nightmare by memories of her younger self playing the piano and finding her own corpse. I think it's a beautiful character story for Kara, and is another way that she's grown.

She learned Sam's song from her father! (and man, I love that moment when Heeding the Call kicks in). The question becomes then where HE learned it from: (a) from Sam himself, because Dad was the original Daniel, who learned it from Sam fifty-odd years ago and managed to escape John Cavil's bloodbath, or (b) from the same 'source' Sam did, i.e. one of the messengers, either because he learned it from one of the angels/Lords or because he was one of them himself.

Running after a car as it pulls away carrying someone you love forever... gods. That just so perfectly encapsulated how she feels about what's happening to Sam - that she IS losing him, and how powerless she is to catch him. DO NOT DIE ON HER, SAMUEL ANDERS. (While I don't think he'll die, I do, unfortuantely, think there's a high possibility that the Sam we get back may not be the Sam who left. Which would suck for Kara, and for me. There are worse fates than dying, IMO. I'm CLINGING to what Katee said, people!)

And I'd point out that while we don't have an 'answer' per se for how Kara survived, we have certainly refined the number of possibilities, between No Exit and this one down to basically two: Daniel or a higher power (Sufficiently Advanced Alien, whatever they choose to call it), and once we know which it is, the rest of it falls in pretty easily. And for me, given that we've had no shortage of characters tell us there's a higher power out there manipulating everyone, I'm going for door number two.

III. Agathons

Hey, look, they're back!

And just in time for the second-worst-day of their lives. (believing Hera was dead must still be worse, but this day has got to be a close second). Helo's going to be so hard on himself. As long as they both keep the blame where it belongs, on Boomer and Cavil, I think Sharon and Helo will be fine. They were yelling at the deckhand together - and I think they're both focused on the how it happened right now, and soon they'll be focused on getting Hera back. And hopefully blaming themselves or each other will come a distant third and eventually be abandoned. (but let's be real, we have only four hours left - about 170 minutes actual air time - if they're having any sort of marital issues, I'm not expecting us to see any of it anyway)

I hope they ask some hard questions about how Boomer got out of the cell. Both Sharon and Helo know that cell very well - and there's no way that other Eight bashed herself on the head and traded herself (especially if she can wake up enough to say so).

Poor Agathons. Poor Hera - I hope she stays asleep until Boomer gets back. Nobody should ever wake up in a box.

She is a strange oracle for a kid, though, and sort of sneaky hiding her messages in her drawings. Although perhaps it's more that she's a savant - I don't think she understands what she does, she just does it. I wonder if there's any import in the other drawing - the arc with the dots. She seemed very concerned about making sure she had the right number.

Short notes:

- So Cylons can share projections. That is AWESOME. Nice to be confirmed that Fivers can project, too. Kind of assumed so, given what we saw in Revelations, but still, this was a genuine Seven projection that he shared and then adopted for himself. THANK YOU RON. (even if you finally gave me a damn Cylon monitor in No Exit, after I went through all kinds of trouble to write around not having one)

- Such an awesome young actress playing Child!Kara. I liked her few scenes in Maelstrom and she's just lovely here too.

- Sammy wake up NOW? HOW ABOUT NOW? At least we get Kara being adorable at his bedside and refusing to give up. THough Cottle, honey? I'm no brain expert, but LISTEN TO THE FRAKKING CYLONS when dealing with a cylon, okay? Maybe they don't know what they're talking about, but neither do you. I hope Sam is actually aware of everything going on around him, especially Kara being there constantly, and he can remember it later, even if he's NOT AWAKE YET. And Kara, don't you give up on him or let him go. He'll wake up. He will. nao? please?

- Agathons were together there at the end. I will not hear words of marital woe over Boomer's treachery. Difficulties, yes, but brought on by anger and guilt over Hera, not Helo getting tricked. Next time? GET A TATTOO. They even come smaller than giant wings on the arm.

- It can't be a good thing that Cavil wants Hera for ANYTHING. I assume he's after a bargaining chip to get the Five, unless he thinks Hera can rebuild resurrection or find the Five's ship on her own somehow. Hopefully someone let Boomer know at some point that Sam was comatose, and that we get to watch him RAGE HIS LITTLE PANTS OFF when he finds out that one of the Five won't be able to help him rebuilt resurrection, no matter who he kidnaps. (and this is even more true if Tyrol dies because of the fallout of Boomer's scheming)

- I have played the preview about a gazillion times. FUCK. I'm almost glad the Canadians don't have one yet, since theirs tend to show more of the things that BREAK MY HEART.

Also, I should note that watching this on the computer while hubby happened to channel surf to Trucco's SVU ep is EXTREMELY DISCORDANT.

Well, jeez, that took two days with little to show for it. Such is the state of life right now.
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M: Helo Athena Anders Kara OT4 iconmfirefly10 on March 2nd, 2009 07:26 am (UTC)
I agree with you on a lot of points, actually.

I think Cavil wants Hera as both a bargainning chip AND a lab-rat. Poor kid.

Sam WILL wake up but I agree with you that he'll probably be...at least a little different. But, like you, I'm *clinging* to Katee's words about the finale. (PLEASE be true!!!)

I think Helo and Athena will have to deal with a lot of fall-out from the Boomer thing but ultimately, I think they'll work things out AND get their daughter back...'course I can't really think anything else or I won't be able to watch the show!

The one thing I disagree with is Boomer's feelings for Tyrol. I think she truly does love him. Unfortunately, her bitterness is stronger than anything else and that won out in the end. But I think she'll love him until the day she dies...which will probably be pretty soon.
♛ part-time maenad: bsg; idk my bff helo?radon_ on March 2nd, 2009 12:37 pm (UTC)
Next time? GET A TATTOO. They even come smaller than giant wings on the arm.
LOL! Meh Boomer. D:

Acc to the podcast, they wanted Sam to wake up in this episode, and he'd be at the bar talking to Kara, but the storyline was changed and it focused more on how Kara was coping being wife to a comatose husband. HE WILL WAKE UP. HE HAS TO! (for my sanity and everything)
The Proverbial Bull in a China Shop...: OT4sabaceanbabe on March 2nd, 2009 01:53 pm (UTC)
Dude. I <3 this post so much.

But I am so scared. I don't think Helo and Athena will have any real marital problems over what happened, but not so much because they really do love each other and will work it out so much as that I think they're both going to die. *sob*

Please tell me I'm wrong? Please?

And my Sam fic still isn't jossed! Now I just need to get myself to finish it so I can post the darn thing!

Edited at 2009-03-02 01:53 pm (UTC)
mamaboolj on March 6th, 2009 04:36 pm (UTC)
How did I miss this awesome post the ohter day? Really great insight as always.