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24 February 2009 @ 01:31 pm
where's my flight to the moon?  
Now that we've got the new dvd player up and running, we popped in 2001, which is one of hubby's favorite films. (by the way, if you like the film, it's great in high-def.) of course, we didn't have the audio set properly, so we couldn't hear the beginning overture and thought it wasn't working because the screen was black. Luckily he remembered there's music before the planets appear, because otherwise that might have been very frustrating!

Kidlet LOVED the spaceship parts in the beginning. Less so the hominids in the prologue, which he didn't understand, but he watched the entire moon sequence at the beginning and really wanted to keep going with the trip to Jupiter. He was interested to realize that Auto from Wall-E is modeled on Hal. I've told him that the next movie ends with Jupiter blowing up and becoming another sun (oops! Spoiler! *g*) -- and he's so excited! We might have to rent 2010, just for all the space porn.

I both hate and love 2001, myself. It's beautiful and amazing. And really, some of those images have yet to be exceeded in anything since, modern FX or not. Part of its beauty is it lets things develop slowly. I know that, but man, sometimes I still want to take a machete to it. Impatient Instant Gratification Gen-Xer I am, I want them to get to the point! Then I feel bad because I know that would ruin it. *sigh*