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07 February 2009 @ 05:06 pm
I think I'm all recovered from "Blood on the Scales". *deep breath* I really, really need it to be next Friday RIGHT NOW. I couldn't stop thinking about it all frakking day.

I'm going to miss this show so damn much.

OH SAM. OH KARA. I love both of you apart and together, and THIS? EEEEEEEEE! She wouldn't leave him, is basically refusing to let him die, dragging all 6'3" of him to the doc... Whether they've talked since Revelations or not, in that moment, she knew absolutely that she didn't want to lose him, no matter what.

(as a side note, in Mo Ryan's interview with Angeli, he says Trucco did his own stunts, despite it being only a few months since he was in the hospital. *loves*)

And damn, I used to hate Romo SO MUCH, and now I can't. Not just for helping-drag-Sam-to-sickbay part, but he had several moments of awesome with the "trial", plus the pen being mightier than the sword. DO NOT FUCK WITH LAWYERS, that's the message there - of which I heartily approve, yes.

Caprica and her "I can take care of myself" was great. Plus, she was carrying Hera AND half-carrying Helo.

Saul and his conflicted face -- Caprica and the baby, Sam, and Bill... SO ADORABLE.
And when he stuck the gun in Narcho's face? TOTAL FRAKKING WIN!

Also, HOtdog was great.

And Chief saving the day, by pulling a Die Hard moment. The cracks in the ship do not bode well. And THIS stupid mutineers and Cylon-haters, is why you need to work with the Cylons and find another planet. Your battleship is falling apart.

OH ZAREK. Butchering the Quorum for what? an object lesson to Gaeta? for nothing, really.

Adama's utter fury and disdain for the whole thing, and Roslin's absolute rage were a sight to behold. (and also, Leoben helped her. He seems to be more into the Five than the other Cylons, and besides believing Roslin was right, I had the feeling he didn't want to believe Sam, Tigh and Tyrol were dead).

Who would've thought KELLY would be the mutineer to cross back and redeem himself? (Speaking of, there was also apparently an entire Racetrack thread cut out, so I wonder if she also was supposed to turn back or what. Guess we'll have to see what happens to her). Someone who's barely a recurring character? damn. I love the depth of the characters and cast on this show, that even Kelly gets his moment.

And Gaeta, poor fallen Gaeta. At least he knew when it was over and surrendered with dignity.
Goodbye Gaeta. I'll miss you (if not your habit of falling for the next person who promises something better).

There's more I could babble on about, but it's dinner time.
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weissmanweissman on February 9th, 2009 01:18 am (UTC)
I hope the Race Track thread is includedx in teh deleted scenes I want to see how she squares her actions againts the trust she must obviosuly have in Sharon to be her ECO.