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20 January 2009 @ 07:28 pm
Sometimes I get a great notion...  
I'm supposed to be writing my SG-1 meta for redial_the_gate but I still have BSG on the brain. So here, have some thoughts about the connections between the Five and Kara (besides the obvious - being, yanno, MARRIED... *g*)

Okay, if I see the theory that Ellen isn't actually the final cylon, but is an aged Six, I might have to smack someone. I like wacky theories as much as the next person - but c'mon. There are theories and then there's just willful blindness.

Speaking of wacky theories *g*...

So the inhabitants of "Earth" were "Cylons" (whatever either of those things actually mean). The Thirteenth Tribe were Cylons from Kobol. Pythia had a MAP of the city where the fleet landed, including the Temple of Aurora (you can see the dome ribs in the ruins). So, were the Cylons polytheists as well, or was the Unnamed God = Aurora?

If the second, it raises some questions about why she would become known as the Unnamed God, when she obviously HAS a name and seems to be counted as one of the Lords of Kobol. So, not completely satisfying. However, given that her temple was on Earth at all and the Kara=Aurora theory which I totally believe in, would seem to tie into Kara and the Five.

I love the idea I read that the Final Five are called that because they were the last and only survivors of the Earthocalypse. They uploaded their consciousness into the Opera House server
and there it lingered until Colonial Cylons stumbled on it during/shortly after the First War and grabbed the download-into-corporeal-bodies technology.

However, the part that makes me wonder is that it would appear from Tyrol's flashback that he had NO IDEA what was about to go down, right before he made a large soot shadow on the wall. He didn't upload himself on purpose.

So... did their society simply have a practice of keeping their memories/personality on backup, just in case? (so there should still be others out there.)


Was it not that technological and Aurora personally intervened to save a select few from extinction? There is that whole thing about the five priests which has always seemed connected to the final five... Maybe in addition to their day jobs (as a rock star *g*), they were all priests of the temple and that's why they were all living so close to it?

Or, to combine the two - maybe Ellen intervened to save people she could/knew/liked/paid her money/whatever? She did sound like she had (ahem) a plan.

And in other, related news, I finally read the Caprica script. It was far more interesting than I expected, actually, and read easily. Knowing who was cast helped me picture it too.

I can already foresee myself writing a SCC/Caprica crossover... *g*

No idea how this is going to be spun out and opened up into a series, but I guess, we'll see.
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