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18 January 2009 @ 10:38 pm
Auction Fun Times  
It's all done. NOW I AM SAD. But I did get to see greycoupon and ebneter again, and I finally got to meet cujoy in person! What fangirly awesome fun we had.


I will load my photos here shortly, but in brief it was awesome to see all the stuff, especially the full scale Raptor and Viper on the floor. Costumes. props. furniture. big chunks of CIC. Adama's office. SO MUCH. SO AWESOME.

The auction was more fun than I expected. Even the parts where I wasn't terribly interested in the items, it was still kind of cool to sit there and listen. Not to mention being able to watch people drop INCREDIBLE amounts of cash.

So the three of us went in and managed to snag the C-Bucs patches! \o/ Our bid was up to our cutoff and the auctioneer keep waiting and waiting for the net to kick in the next bid... but no! it was ours! *dances* cujoy and greycoupon also bought their own items. I bid on Sam's knives and his Viper name plate but got outbid both times. I am too cheap for the amt of money being tossed around. *sigh*

We had a couple of minor spoilers for the rest of 4.5 dropped on us, though I won't go into them here. *G* (yes, clearly keeping my spirginity isn't working out too well...)

Michael Hogan hung around most of the time Friday and Saturday. If I wasn't already a fan, this weekend certainly would've made me one. What a great guy, and so friendly and generous with the fans. Didn't he used to not want to do cons? Because, wow, is he into it now.

BSGCast hosted a screening on Friday night (not the bigwigs NBCU screening - the OTHER one...). "Revelations", Face of the Enemy, and then "SaGN" and ... damn... that is some bleak but powerful couple of hours of t.v. there. OW.

oh Dee... I strongly suspected she was dying in the episode, but I didn't know how -- I think that might have made it MORE heartbreaking. I'm so glad they kept in the part in the Raptor - thank you Michael Nankin for fighting to keep that, because that really was vital. Then the bit where she tells Gaeta to be quiet and not spoil her moment of happiness and she's singing the little song and she puts her ring away so carefully... *cries*

I rarely feel sorry for Lee, but I did this time. He was trying but had no idea it was way too little, and much too late for that.

Ellen as the Fifth is awesome. I knew it had to be her. I've thought for awhile that the Last Supper photo meant it had to be Dee or Ellen or Cally (outside chance), and once I determined Dee was going to die, then it had to be Ellen. You can ask cujoy that I did in fact predict it *g*. And I love that reveal at the end in the water and the flashback to "Earth". And really it makes so much sense. (I do, however, feel for Kate Vernon, who was sitting on this as far back as the Burbank con I attended where she was a guest. And just goes to show what a great actress she is, because she didn't let one iota of a clue drop)

And Laura being unable to speak coming off the Raptor and then burning the book of Pythia was fabulously done. *hearts Mary*

Fun bits of which there were some, amazingly enough in an episode all about the many ways people break in despair:

Sam and the guitar. So nice to see him actually smile. And it was a good break in all the gloom.

Tyrol and pointing to the blast mark on the wall -- "That was me." Oh Galen, you've gone well beyond despair into bitter cynicism, but you crack me up. You also have a keen eye for avocados.

Agathons! Even though you know part of it is keeping up a good face for Hera, it was still ADORABLE watching them all play like that.

And LEOBEN RUNNING AWAY. Realizing Kara is WAY WAY out of his league.... He knows she's not a Cylon, and he knows she's special, but I don't think he had clue one before about HOW special. And now he does and it's much more than he bargained for. The entire room laughed when he took those first few steps back and then again when he abruptly remembered he left the iron on and had to run and turn it off. *snorfle*

Oh, and "FRAK EARTH". That got a big laugh in the room too.

Let's see, a few points of meta:

1. confirmed that the 13th Tribe were in fact Cylons. For some reason yet unrevealed, they either built their own Centurions who rebelled and killed them all, or they killed each other, but in either case, they are terribly good at killing.

2. That ain't "THIS" Earth. I thought they might be being coy about it in Revelations just to tease us, but now I am firmly in the camp of it's someplace else. Someplace close by, relatively, but not here. I tend to believe the map of Kobol led to the Thirteenth Tribe, not Earth, but it could be that the constellations were a close match (plus the signal was coming from there), so they thought they arrived where the tomb led, but they missed.

3. The "Temple of Aurora" was on "Earth" according to Pythia. Which means my theory about the 13th Tribe being devotees of the Unnamed God is wrong, or at best, incomplete and they worshipped all 13. THAT FRAKS UP MY MYTHOLOGY. (which I should have realized before, since I figured the 13th were Cylons, but I didn't. FRAK)

4. A list of those still alive:

11 Cylons (not counting Three, who is permanently dead, IMO, but counting Ellen, who I don't think is)

Unless I forgot someone important, that's it. And I'd bet money that half of them will be dead by the series end. Unfortunately I don't think the next one will be Romo, even though it TOTALLY SHOULD BE.

Huh, this not spending money thing is kind of tiring. But good fun to hang out and talk theories and shows and OMGYAY stuff.

Oh, I forgot! I talked with the costume designer briefly about the Bucs costumes, because I made one, and she told me about the costumes for THE PLAN. v v cool!
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entertaining in a disturbing waylyssie on January 19th, 2009 10:04 am (UTC)

Didn't he used to not want to do cons? Because, wow, is he into it now.

Yes. And then he went to Dragon*Con.
cujoy on January 20th, 2009 02:17 am (UTC)
Hello! And yes, she did indeed predict that it was Ellen. So that's a confirm!

Ohh, tell us more about The Plan costumes. And I agree. Kill Romo!