December 31st, 2018

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2018 Fic Roundup

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to Lizardbeth's Wrap-up of 2018, now that it's 2019!

First, the one I can reveal:

Four Seasons of Change, MCU,Teen, Loki/Sif. Written for the Mischief and Mistletoe Exchange 2018!
To mark their entry to adulthood, every Aesir goes to the Sacred Pools and comes out with a mark that will match with the one on their soulmate.
Everyone except Loki.

My two big WIPs of 2018 which aren't finished yet, but they'll continue to post in 2019):

The Ice Demon and the Red Skull, MCU, Teen, gen (Loki, Natasha, Cap mostly, but everyone appears)
For Loki, it should be a time of celebration. Steve Rogers is alive and free from the ice, and Loki has found new family in his exile. But old wounds still linger, and old enemies return to ruin the fragile peace.

, MCU, Teen, Gen (Loki, Thor, Frigga, Odin)
When Hulk slams Loki into the floor, Thor must hurry to Asgard with him to save his life.

The rest of the MCU short fics:

The Ice Demon and Halloween, short ID'verse fluff of Loki with the Barton kids.

Nevermore Home, postTDW AU when Loki wanders back to Asgard to mourn Frigga

Alone Here in the Shadows (WIP), Infinity War "fix-it", Loki lives, Thor dies.

A Lesson for the Learned, Asgardia-verse, Loki teaches Strange a lesson.

Cut and Reweave, IW-AU, Loki decides to go back in time to change everything.

After an Ending (Loki/Sif) - Asgardia-verse, Loki and Sif come to a new understanding in the wake of their losses.

Declaration (Loki/Steve) - post-IW-AU ficlet, Loki remembers dying.

The Last Contract (deleted scene)- what it says on the tin. An old version of the end of Last Contract.

A Thorn Saves the Rose - Loki escapes his cell in TDW and goes to save Frigga.

Afterglow (Loki/Sigyn) - Storm-verse, in the future, she wants to see his true self again.

Lantern Light - As Odin, Loki needs some advice from the only one who can give it to him.

I also unexpectedly fell into Reylo Star Wars fandom, but I have only one to link right now.

To Heal, Future fic, Ben wants to make amends with something else he hurt.

I also have a story in the After the Blazing Fire Dies Charity Anthology which is still exclusive to those who donated, but I'll link when I can post.

And a second in the holiday ficathon which is still anon. Soo. that'll be a post on its own, too.

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