December 18th, 2014

Av - Hiddles shadow

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Kiddo had his birthday - he turned 11 on 12/13/14 (which was pretty cool, actually) We have a picture at 15:16 as well, lol. just for the sheer silly yet memorableness of it.

They also had their Winter Performance program and if you don't think a bunch of Kindergarteners singing "Walking on Sunshine" is the cutest thing ever, then I have news for you, because it totally is. (it also proved that sixth graders aren't Coldplay, as they tried very hard to do "Sky Full of Stars" but it's not as easy as maybe they thought it was. It wasn't terrible, but made me wince several times). Anyway, the show was fun, but long, as they all are.

I'm going to the Hobbit on Sat after I get my Yuletide fic turned in. I finally have the minimum words at least, so there's that. I don't know what happened, it was Nov and now, bam, stories are due. At least my M&M fic is in decent shape after I changed my idea completely and did something else. That other one will still get finished eventually, it just wasn't going a way I thought the recipient would like as much.

I still have two packages to send, and at least two presents to find/get. ack. TOO MUCH GOING ON.