November 25th, 2014

Av - Hiddles shadow

holidays already what?

I mentioned on Twitter, I think, but the big news is that finally the FLL Lego robotics competition is over. Last week was just a zoo getting everything organized, helping out at the practices, trying to corral a bunch of ten year olds into focusing enough to get their programs and the accompanying project in order. (FLL is founded for STEM purposes, so the kids not only build and program a robot to go through an obstacle course, but they also have to have a project that they've researched and designed, based on each year's theme). And besides reinforcing my awareness that I am not a teacher of young children, because omg no, it was fun. But it's over now - kiddo's team did pretty well, but not quite well enough to advance to the next level. There was a piece of bad luck on their final run with the bot, where it threw the ball into this net with like 90% accuracy on all their previous runs didn't get in, and that might have been enough to place if it had worked. So the kids were pretty frustrated about that, but overall they were proud of themselves for achieving the scores they did - 2nd in the project presentation and ninth in the robot performance. So we're done except for the competition at Legoland in February, which is just the robot part, not the project.

Writing-wise, Big Bangs are done and posted, hooray. Now I just have my two gift assignments -- I've done some on one, and still have zero done on Yuletide. I should probably get to that canon review stage, right?