September 12th, 2014

Av - Hiddles shadow

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

By which I mean yuletide is starting up, of course. :) (Though pumpkin spice lattes are pretty good, too, though it's way too hot to drink them yet). Anyway, re: Yuletide, I think two of my nominations are pretty firm for Only Lovers Left Alive, and Edge of Tomorrow. (heh, both dealing with immortality of one way or another.)  Both are likely to be nominated by other people who are not paying attention to any of the organizational attempts to not duplicate nominations, but whatever. I'd be pissed if they weren't there, so I'm going to do it. The third nomination slot I'll hang onto as other people firm up nominations.

It was my birthday on Tues (thanks roeskva and everyone who wished me happy day :D ) and though I'm of the age where I don't much care, we did go out to dinner and then I'll go wth my parents on Sunday. And then Monday night is the 30 Seconds to Mars/Linkin Park concert which should be fun. It's the one that'll be streamed worldwide, and I expect a whole lot of hoopla during "City of Angels" since that's a hometown song. Hopefully Jared won't be sick this time, he had a cold or something for the last one I saw and you could tell he was trying to get the audience to sing for him as much as possible. The Hollywood Bowl always feels like a weird venue for rock concerts to me, since I'm much more used to seeing movie/LA PHil stuff there, but it'll be nice to get out. Weather should be perfect.  (I once was rained on at the Hollywood Bowl, it was epic!) Gotta find my shirt....

Meanwhile, we had a giant branch snap on our eucalyptus tree - luckily it's only a partial break so it's still connected up high and just the leafy branches are hanging down. The unfortunte part is that some neighbor left their car underneath the tree, and apparenlty ire away for the week or something because they haven't moved car desipite the branch hanging ominously above it. If that branch goes, it's falling right onto a convertible Audi. Cross your fingers, y'all, that the branch makes it til Thurs when the tree people will come, or the car gets moved because... yikes.