September 4th, 2014

Av - Hiddles shadow


First of all, I am SUPER RIDICULOUSLY behind on tv, thanks to travel (and this the doldrums of August!) I've only seen the first ep of Outlander and most of the second, I think it was, but anyway, not all of it. I've not seen any of Twelve yet. I'm trying to figure out what we did watch in Hawaii and coming up with not much. Community reruns and baseball I think. It was quite a bit more stressful "vacation" than any of us had planned, with police and lawyers. Not quite an episode of H50 but not quite fun either. Though it was a tiny bit fun when D managed to forget to transfer his pocket knife to the checked luggage on the way home: good news, TSA found it in his carryon. Bad news, TSA found it in his carryon. oops.

Today was meant to be a catch-up, because kiddo went back to school finally, but I ended up doing about 5K of Crocus, so that was a good trade-off. I still have two major scenes to fill in, but I finally wrote the conclusion. Plus my Marvel_Bang fic was art claimed, so \o/-- Ice Demon 3 is a go. So back to work on that tomorrow.

Aaand tomorrow/later I will FINALLY post Ice Demon 2. Because I wrote it for Mother's day and I'm just that timely!

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