July 11th, 2014

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Update of Fic-related things

Posted my NPT Ficathon fic which so far is having a decent reception even if I haven't heard anything from the recipient. Luckily this being a fairly big fandom it's not dependent on the recipient for acknowledgment (but oh, would I be pissed if this happened at Yuletide). I've always been lucky enough to get something from the recipient (and may yet, it's only been a few days) so hopefully that trend continues. Author reveals in a couple of days.

Also posted Suddenly I see making my previous Loki/Sif Music AU a series, but this is a prequel, all Teen Angst where it's pining, love-triangle fluff. I don't even know who I am anymore. :) I always wonder with Very DIfferent AUs whether I shouldn't just Original Fic it. It wouldn't be too hard with this 'verse - screwed up families and musicians work together.

I also got a lovely comment from an anon who bookmarked "Not all that we are" back in 2008 and was quite happy that it was actually finished! woot!

Camp NaNo is so far kind of blah so far - I spent the first week finishing up the ficathon and have spent the last few days getting things ready to post instead of writing anything, which is SOOO not what's supposed to be happening. On the plus side, I got an idea for a new resolution to Crocus, if I can get it to work.

Back to trying to try to tie up some of these other short fics!

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