June 10th, 2014

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I finished the fic that I started on Friday. It's a pretty fluffy AU which I suspect was basically a reaction to my over-thinking the other fics into the ground. It's been awhile since I've started and finished something in only a few days, so that was fun. (For my BSG peeps, this is my new version of the Nellis 'verse - a happy 'verse with banging) Though we'll have to see if it spawns any other fics. (I do wonder whether it would be pretty easy to transform into an original romance, tbh. I'll have to think about it)

Amusingly enough for not finishing much of anything so far this year (*sad face*), this one, the Ice Demon/Snow Queen Sequel, and my NPT ficathon fic will all finish pretty close together. So there was little, and now there'll be several things all at once.

Speaking of Ice Demon/Snow Queen, I don't know if it's just a testament to Frozen fandom being continually enormous that the fic keeps finding new people, or I got on some rec list I don't know about, but it's pretty astonishing how well that one continues to draw readers. Like, it was tied at one point with my Winter Soldier fic, First Spring, for kudos, but now First Spring is totally dead - it fell off the first few search pages obviously and no one can find it -- but Ice Demon continues to gain readers consistently. And has become my fifth-most-kudo'd fic on AO3, moving in on Hail of Shadows, which is pretty fucking amazing for something I sort of figured would be ignored, since 90% of that particular crossover fandom is Loki and Elsa banging, not as father/daughter.

(though lol, just when I start to feel "aw yeah! awesome!" I always stumble on some fic with fifty thousand hits and five hundred kudos and feel very small again... I am a tiny fish in a great big ocean)

Hopefully I can finish another story by the end of the week, though with all the End of School Shenanigans, we'll have to see.

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