June 7th, 2014

Av - Hiddles shadow

baseball is over!

Okay not for the adult players and the really good little league players but for the kid. Which is awesome. I love to watch him play and I actually have developed more of a liking for the game generally but omg such a timesuck.

We closed out the season with a trip to the Dodgers game against Pittsburg which was a lousy game. And then to make it worse when I had to take kid to the bathroom, the only exciting thing happened when a homerun was caught right in front of where we were sitting. That night on tv you could see perfectly the empty seats where we would have been.

We still have the picnic today so one last time to the field for the season.but then done. One more week of school and then summer. I like summer but it's such a pain to remember this week is lessons or this week is camp. It's great for kid but I do miss the routine.

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