May 22nd, 2014

Av - Hiddles shadow

Disneyland and other RL stuff

fun stuff:

- on sunday we went to Disneyland and it turned out it was also a meet up for some kind of steampunk/goth group so there were tons of people walking around with their dresses and little black parasols. It felt like I'd gotten sucked into a Tim Burton movie! I don't think I've ever seen so many parasols in one place before, and certainly not at Disneyland.

- Kiddo loves Star Tours. So of course we rode that again, twice, and interestingly enough instead of the Yoda hologram that appears halfway, it was a Leia one. And I really wonder if part of the EpVII deal was to have Carrie Fisher do a voice over for it, because we'd never seen the Leia one before. The other funny thing about Star Tours is in the "robot" boarding intro, I'm pretty sure that's the same woman who narrates the Delta Airlines safety video. The robot even does the same little fingerwag.

- I finally broke down and bought the Darth Vader rides Dumbo t-shirt, which appeals to my sense of the ridiculous. I'm still annoyed that there's not a single Black Widow t-shirt in the entire place though. Like, I don't need her face if that's the problem, I'd be fine with a black t-shirt and the symbol. HOW IS THIS SO HARD??? (I also continually think it's stupid they don't have a Loki shirt for women, because HELLO HAVE YOU MET THE HIDDLESTON FANDOM?? but that makes more sense at least)

- Little league Baseball is starting to finish up. Our last regular season game is tonight followed by playoffs, and then maybe some casual summer league games depending on how much kiddo wants to keep going.

- and school is also coming rapidly to an end. Hard to believe my kid is finishing fourth grade - he's now getting into the school years I remember pretty well myself, which is kinda weird to think about.

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