May 16th, 2014

Av - Hiddles shadow


Ugh. this week has been so hot. At least the weekend it's supposed to cool down. My fishtank was looking very inviting yesterday, let me tell you. ;)

TV finale season was pretty successful. I thought the finales for MAoS, Person of Interest and Arrow were all really enjoyable. PoI finally made a move to scifi (it has been all along, imo, but the finale made it quite plain) that really changes the game and I'm intrigued by where it's gonna go next. I thought they might hold off on actually going there, given CBS' reluctance to go genre at all, but I guess they figure the audience at this point is invested. There was one "wait what?" moment in Arrow that felt like we missed something, but it was otherwise pretty epic. I also really wish I was still cosplaying because I adore Nyssa's outfit. Not that I would look like Katrina Law in it, but it would be badass.

I'm still way behind on Originals and SPN, and I have zero fucks to give about TVD anymore (I find it lolarious that in the very episode they're supposed to fix the revolving door problem, they make it inevitable it'll get used again). I feel there were more that I'm forgetting... heat fried my brain.

ooh, Yuletide finally migrated to AO3. Rather neatly, and it's pretty awesome the comments were brought over too. only part that needs fixing up manually are tags for characters, etc. and to take off the archive lock. v cool. it's nice they're all there now.

Had to update my Fic To-Do list sticky, since I finalized that I'm doing the sequel to A Seed in Barren Lands for Norsebigbang. Tentative title: "Crocus in the Snow" - y/n?
But I still have to finish Comes the Hurricane which is still being a pain in my ass. Ugh. STUPID FIC GET IT TOGETHER.

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