March 27th, 2014

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In internet time these stories are Dinosaur Campfire tales

OMG the (old) Yuletide Archive is actually moving to AO3!!! Finally. At long last.

(I'm fairly sure this is a sign of impending apocalypse, so beware of zombies Real Soon Now.)

I only have three little fics left there that need transfer, since I imported the longer ones already, but it'll be interesting to see how it works. I find it pretty funny that the old archive still has the old date of 2010 as when they were hoping to move it. Also, wow, that also makes me realize how long AO3's been around. I think they should probably take AO3 out of "beta", heh. (also hm, my AmerPsycho fic for Yuletide 09 which was, IIRC, the first year it was hosted at AO3, was, for a long time, my most hit fic at AO3, but has been left in the dust. Though it's still fourth for comments).

Speaking of old fics, I was poking through my WIP file and found about 5K of an old SPN fic of Dean, Lisa, and Ben on a road trip running from angels. It was actually really fun to read and now I'm disappointed I didn't write more of it. If it weren't basically 'Legion' it'd make a good candidate for serial-number-scrubbing (since LOL, who's going to look at that and say "oh yeah, that's totes SPN") , but maybe if I change the bad guys after them and make some other tweaks... I just really like my Lisa-voice in the fic. Anyway, shall stick it into my - 'this needs something to happen to it" folder.

Got a mournful "you writing Comes the Hurricane Nao plz?" today. I really need to sit down and fix it - the timing is all fucked up. I think it's time to pull out actual index cards and lay it out. This is what happens when people on three different planets need to do stuff. ACK BRAIN ASPLODE.

So that's tomorrow/today's project... in addition to posting new parts of the fics. At least there's no baseball today (though I've been playing 2048 instead. I hate when you know you screwed up a move and it's all downhill from there....)

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