March 17th, 2014

Av - Hiddles shadow

update time!

In the list of things that amuse me, Hiddleston fandom has lifted even my Virgilia fic (w/o Martius) into more kudos than the 60K+ words of Black Sails... (I laugh so I don't cry, but it's kinda funny that a Coriolanus fic, esp one that has no slash, has any readers at all, outside of, say, yuletide)

Finished [profile] f_march_madness with a decent bracket, with my complex algorithm of fandom size, shininess of fandom, and points of attack, was fairly successful, but even so, I underestimated Brooklyn-9-9. Apparently the Golden Globes were just ahead of their time, lol. I'm sure my success rate there will still be higher than NCAA's though, where I've been known to pick winners based on which would win if the school mascot animals/whatever got in a cage fight (this doesn't work too well - I know you're shocked by this news).

Writing is kind of... messed up, at the moment. I'm at that stage where I have too many bits in my head and I can't settle on just one. It would help if I stop compulsively editing Snow Queen and Ice Demon, granted, but yeah, I have projects yo.

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It'll probably help now that all this stuff with my dad's been sorted. As soon they find a blood pressure med that'll stop his feet from swelling up horribly, he'll be okay. Cardiologist told him today though that with the size of the blockage they dug out of him, another two months later he'd probably have died of a heart attack, so... you know, that was actually really good timing. Makes a week in the hospital a lot less awful that's for sure.

So now I can hpefully be less stressed about it all and write a stupid limerick for twelvecolonies. FYI NOTHING RHYMES WITH ORANGE.

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