March 11th, 2014

Av - hiddles coriolanus

fannish stuff

ha, so the boys went to watch Mr Peabody and Sherman while I went with some fangirls to watch Coriolanus again. Pretty sure I got the better end of that deal. (and today Hiddleston and Gatiss were nominated for Olivier awards for it, which is pretty awesome)

I managed to make banners for twelvecolonies. LOL. I hope they make people laugh at least. :)

Someone suggested that McConaughey's character in Contact becomes Rust Cohle from True Detective, post-tragedy and burnout. And now I can't unsee it, and so I'm even sadder. DAMN YOU FAN THEORIES.

I have other "theories" like that: (1) the mayor of Gotham City in Dark Knight is in fact Richard, post Island  just because it's Nestor Carbonell and why not, and probably his character in Bates Motel can go in the timeline too, and (2) the FBI agent in Now You See Me played by Michael Kelly is, in fact, Mark Snow from Person of Interest, because damn they are exactly the same.

f_march_madness is into round 2 and I vote my bracket entirely, so that makes it  quite easy.

TV: Caught up on OUAT  (well, "caught up" - I'm still missing a few of the Pan arc, but at least I watched Sunday's ep that starts the new arc and lol, Chris Gorham.), I am current on POI (AWESOMESAUCE LAST ONE), SHIELD (OMG SIF IS COMING!!!!), Hannibal (OMG BEVERLY YOU STAY AWAY FROM HANNIBAL AND GO DO COOL CLARICE-STUFF WITH WILL INSTEAD), still behind on Arrow but at least I've now watched one of my backlog. Still behind on Originals, though I did see most of the most recent one. Still keeping TVD off my dvr because no fucks are given anymore. ;(  I'm sure there's more...

Whining about writing I'll do tomorrow.