March 8th, 2014

Av - Hiddles shadow

theme of winning!

First of all, TWELVE COLONIES!!! The BSG Landcomm is BACK for games and bad art and friendly competition!! (ok, some people do good art things; I'm not one of them)!! it's fun. We play battleship. IT IS AWESOME.


GO here to sign up and tell 'em I sent you

This has all happened before and it will happen again...

So I had a whole thing about the Oscars on Monday and didn't post it, and now it feels irrelevant. So. moving on. (except how i find it hilarious that Jared Leto couldn't even get his statue out of the freaking building without damaging it. dude, were you drunk already? lol)

I'm blacklisting all Cap2 stuff at this point - I remember how many clips Disney/Marvel released for IM3 and TDW and I am wise to them and their spoilerrific ways as we get closer to release. I think I know all I need to already. *frowny face*

Today was Little League opening day, as well as the first game of the season. And it was sunny and warm, and quite lovely though I got a bit sunburned on my cheeks. Kiddo got one of the few hits for his team (because pitching is terrible so almost everyone gets walked). Spouse got lured into being scorekeeper which is some kind of karma for something, heh.

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