January 28th, 2014

Av - Hiddles shadow

it's a good week!

I'm constantly thinking I should post this-or-that and then by the time I get around to it, I feel like it's so boring. my life is just not that exciting, plus I'm either behind or have no real thoughts on tv stuff.

Porn battle is coming! But jeez, ppl, is it really that hard to follow the instructions to prompt? (answer: no, it's not, and yet... *sigh*)

I finished my draft for a Frozen/MCU/THOR crossover where Elsa meets a tall, black-haired exile in Arendelle and there are many family feels. Snow Queen and Ice Demon. (I bet you can guess who the Ice Demon is.) sadly, there's a tragic lack of songs in the story, but no lack of words! (this is me and Asgardians - there's never a lack of words) So I have 17,000 words which I didn't expect, on a fic that's not at all what those words should've been on. But the best part of all this, and really why I just HAD to write it, is because when I finally watched Frozen, it slipped so perfectly into the backstory I'd already invented for a future AU!Loki fic. I already intended that he go to Norway a couple centuries ago and have to learn to deal with the mortals, and then the movie came along and gave me not only the perfect location, but sisters to contrast with the Brodinsons. Because how often does the perfect crossover get dumped in your lap?

I'm going to the Coriolanus broadcast on Thurs. it's during the day for us, so it's kind of inconvenient and I will be awkardly all alone, but hopefully ppl will be friendly. it's kind of a Hiddles week with the TDW DVD extras dropping in advance and the Jaguar commercial is previewing stuff this week also. it's an excellent time to be a fan!

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