January 1st, 2014

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2013 Fic Year in Review

It's New Year's so I get to claim the gifts I wrote:

1. For Yuletide:
Larry Bird and the Quest for the Clitoris The Neighbors, Larry/Jackie, Amber Weaver
Larry's quest to please Jackie in all the wrong places. aka Aliens trying to figure out human sex. (Mature)

2. For Mischief and Mistletoe:
What Grows Beneath the Nettle, Thor:The Dark World, Sif/Loki (Odin, Thor, Thanos, W3, etc)
In the wake of tragedy, Sif discovers Loki's secret and decides to take the riskier path to save Asgard's future.

(20K fucking words, I don't know what I was thinking...)

Collapse )

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Writing goals for 2014
1. Understanding the Storm: Comes the Hurricane. a.k.a. TIME TO LEVEL UP FOR THE BOSS BATTLE. Loki falls to Earth, the Avengers aren't happy, Thanos makes a move. shit goes down.

2. Since NaNo was such a fail, my goal is to complete an original novel manuscript by the end of the year. I feel like I've kinda lost my mojo for original stuff, and I'd like to get it back.

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