August 5th, 2009

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The Road to Tartarus

The Road to Tartarus
by Lizardbeth

In the wake of a devastating attack on the Tok'ra, Sam becomes host to a larval Tok'ra queen. As she faces the consequences of becoming an alien on her homeworld, Malek's host Asheron discovers the terrible consequences of his long-ago vengeance. But when an old enemy stirs, Asheron finds that the price of Sam's life may be his own soul.

What do you do when the one who knows you best is a Goa'uld?

Fandom: Stargate SG-1 (with a touch of Stargate Atlantis)
Pairings: Sam/Malek, Malek/Baal
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Sex (m/m and m/f), violence, implications of torture and consent issues.
Previously: The third in the Asheron Series begun with Tok'ra Allegiance and Going Home. Those are useful background, particularly for Sam and Asheron/Malek's relationship and how the Tok'ra were destroyed, but you can read this just fine without them.
Spoilers: This is AU (well, duh), but since it parallels canon in S. 8 and part of S.9, contains some spoilers through mid-S.9.
Wordcount: 97,000

Notes: Written for the SG-1 Big Bang Challenge stargate_summer. Thanks to newroticgirl for her notes under difficult circumstances. All errors are my own. Also, I spell it 'Baal', because extra apostrophes are annoying.

Special thank you to rosiethehobbit who has been patiently waiting for this to be finished for YEARS. You have been my personal cheerleader for this project for so long, R -- I can only hope it's worth the wait! :)

And Special THANK YOU to wandstonecloadk (aka Atlantis Abydos at DeviantArt) who made art for this story, completely out of the blue!

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