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01 January 2009 @ 04:02 pm
2008 Fic in Review  
The latest posted yesterday!

Crossing the Bar,
Battlestar Galactica, Sam Anders/Natalie, R
In the space between the end and a new beginning, she's not alone.

And for YULETIDE, I can now reveal I wrote:

Holy Thursday, Day of Judgment
Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, PG
John asks Derek about Judgment Day. Derek remembers.

I also wrote a wee Treat, Like Salad ,
for CJ Cherryh's Foreigner-verse.

Battlestar Galactica
Not All That We Are and its sequel, At the Labyrinth Gates
Sam, Kara, ensemble. AU beginning Season 2. R.
When the Cylons attack Caprica, Sam discovers he's a Cylon. That revelation changes everything.

Between the Lines of Fear and Blame, Sam Anders, Lee Adama. PG.
Lee promised amnesty but some people won't listen.

Where the Pinions Stoop to Earth, Sam, Castiel. PG.
(Crossover with Supernatural, spoilers through BSG:Revelations and SPN 401).
On a desolate Earth, his work is done. Our days upon Earth are but a shadow... and you shall shine forth and be as the morning....

Standing on the Edge, Sam/Kara/Leoben, ADULT.
After Revelations, Leoben goes to rescue Sam from self-destruction, and finds he's not the only one who mixes truth and lies. Destiny isn't finished with any of them yet.

Player of the Year!, Sam/Kara, PG.
During LDYB, Kara receives an amusing anonymous gift: a tape of the (trashy, awful) biopic of Samuel T. Anders. Sam isn't so amused.

In a Gray and Hollow Place, the Ashes of Our Dreams, Anders/Kara, PG.
The only thing that made the losses bearable was the promise of Earth. But the promise is a lie, and his sacrifice is for nothing. ('Revelations' tag)

Hiding Myself In Your Eyes, Anders/Leoben, ADULT.
During "Faith", Sam feels like he's falling -- an old 'friend' is there to catch him.

To Think Oneself a Man, Anders, Gen. Guess What's Coming... episode insert/AU.
Beset by grief and guilt, Sam makes a choice.

A Change in the Wind, Kara/Sam. R. AU.
When Sam was captured by the Cylons and taken to the farm on Caprica...

What You're Falling On, Helo/Sharon, Helo/Kara, PG. AU. Written for the Shagathon08.
When Sharon doesn't make it back from the baseship, Helo breaks just a little.

A Little Fun, Anders/Dee, PG.

I also posted two more parts of this WIP:
A Shadow on the Pattern, BSG/Babylon 5 crossover, Gen, WIP,
Racetrack stumbles across a space station belonging to the Earth Alliance.

Other Fandoms

Half the Distance to the Open Door, Stargate SG-1, Vala Maldoran, Baal/Qetesh, ADULT
Vala finds both terror and strength when Baal plucks her from obscurity to be host to Qetesh. (set in the alternate timeline of Continuum)

Saltpetre and Sulfur, PotC, Elizabeth, Gen (ref: Will/Elizabeth)
Elizabeth is willing to do anything to free Will from the curse, even threaten a goddess.

A Moment's Respite, SCC, Sarah/Derek. ADULT.
"The ghost of Kyle hung between them, but it wasn't what she wanted. Not right now."

Twenty Minutes, SCC, Gen,
Derek Reese and toothbrushes and future history.

Impossible Longing, Heroes/X-Men, Audrey/Scott.

So, a total of 19 stories. And a handful of random porn battle/comment!ficlets, but you can look at the index sticky post for those.

Fanfic memeage:
My best story:
As a short story, I think "Where the Pinions Stoop to Earth" is my best of the year. It does exactly what I wanted to do in a few words. It's emotional and atmospheric, and it brings in a crossover character in a natural fitting way without anyone really needing to know who it is. It's a story I fully expect to re-read later to comfort myself, even though it's tragic.

My favorite story:
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Not All That We Are-verse. I love making Sam a tool of the Cylon God, and I love writing a story about how being a prophet is a rather terrible thing to be. It's not finished yet, but it is TIGHT. You all have no idea how tight it is, yet, but I assure you, if there's 'gun on the wall' it's gonna go off by the end. :)

Story most under-appreciated by fandom, in my opinion:
They all are, aren't they? :) But Halfway to the Open Door never found an audience, though part of that's my own inability to pimp it properly. But I think it's a good view of how Vala might have become a host to Qetesh.

Story I wrote that I never thought I'd write:
laughs. Um, I write AUs and crossovers as a usual thing. But I wrote pseudo-wing!fic in "Where the Pinions Stoop to Earth", and I wouldn't have thought I'd be able to mesh BSG/SPN so perfectly with it.

Most fun:
"Player of the Year!" is the most fun, fluffy story I wrote all year. Most of my fun, cracky stuff was in my Action Figure Theater posts and things like that, not stories though.

Sexiest story:
For pure sexy, I think not much beats A Piece of Eternity, my Will Turner/Dean Winchester comment!fic for the porn battle. And "Standing on the Edge" is a pretty sexy het/slash threesome, in the middle of all its angst. But overall I didn't write a lot of porn this year.

Hardest story to write:
"What You're Falling On" was the most difficult, because I had to make Helo sort of a dick AND try to get him into bed with Kara - I did the first and couldn't manage the second...

Easiest to write: "Not All That We Are" was the easiest in the sense of being the most inspired. The Plot!Kraken seized me really hard, and I'm still in its grip.

Did you take any writing risks this year?:
Not really, unless you count writing a massive AU featuring a secondary character in a rapidly contracting fandom as a 'risk'...
And I started writing in SCC, which has overtaken SG-1 as my secondary writing fandom.

Biggest Disappointment:
Overall, that BSG fandom is so much smaller now, or at least seems that way with people drifting away and not reading anymore. *clutches fandom and Sam fans so they don't leave me*

Biggest surprise:
That my first SCC fic "Twenty Minutes" has been as popular as it has been. Srsly.

Goals for 2009:
I say this every year, but this year I intend to do it: Finish Road to Tartarus!

Finish the Not All That We Are-verse MY WAY, even if Ron josses me.

Speaking of, At the Labyrinth Gates will continue posting shortly. :)
agathons_fan: BSG - Sharon and Heraagathons_fan on January 2nd, 2009 12:59 am (UTC)
Thanks for posting this. I was able to find and read, What You're Falling On. I really enjoyed it, although to be brutally honest, the Helo/Kara nearly sleeping togehter was a little hard to read nad didnt entirely seem like Helo but thats just because Im die-hard Helo/Sharon. Lol. (I hope that doesn't sound to mean, I don't mean it to be.)

But I am very proud of you for being able to write it. I know I wouldn't have been. It was also very very awesome otherwise. I loved it and left comments on the fic page.

Thanks :D
emmiereemmiere on January 2nd, 2009 03:13 am (UTC)
Reading through these fic memes everyone's posting has been fascinating. And, since I'm pretty new to all this, my reaction to seeing yours was, "ooh, things I might have not read yet!" I always like seeing what people think of their own work too.

Aww, I'm sad to hear that the BSG fandom is apparently shrinking just when I decide to pop in. But hey, I'm a new Sam fan, so maybe there are others.

Love the Not All That We Are-verse, and the TSCC fic is very interesting. I think fandom is convincing me to finally check it out.