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27 December 2008 @ 10:39 pm
Somebody stop me!  
Drugged up on migraine meds, I am nonetheless a thousand words into a Terminator/Batman crossover/mash-up fic. oh Christian, when did you cross the line into a full blown crush forcing me to write you cracky crossovers?.


However, it is great fun so far -- lots of Kate and Post-Apocalyptic America and fighting bad robots (for yes, I AM connecting Dark Knight to Terminator Salvation. Because I have seen the Salvation trailer too many times. And also, I am crazy. *g* )

Speaking of stories, I was a bit worried that the Yuletide treat ficlet I wrote in ten minutes was going to be more popular than the fic I actually WORKED on. How depressing would that be, hm? Luckily it appears that more people are finding the main story now. So phew, crisis of neuroses averted!