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18 December 2008 @ 09:12 pm
Happy Days Meme  
Tagged by sabaceanbabe

1. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this every day for a week without fail.
3. Tag 8 of your friends to do the same.
DO EET. Spread the happy!

1. Uploaded my yuletide story!

2. Had a nice review/discussion about my latest fic in comments!

3. Ordered a Christmas present to be sent to a really good friend!

4. Had a peppermint mocha. YUM.

5. dryope posted high-res promos for BSG 4.11.

6. Discovered The Phelps is mostly naked on the cover of GQ. (yes, he's goofy looking - but I don't really care about his FACE). I ogled. Swimmers are hot. Aaron Piersol is still hotter, though.

7. Ate warm spinach-artichoke dip at CPK. Food of the gods!

happy enough? :P
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