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10 September 2005 @ 04:51 pm
SG-1 - The One with The Last Samurai  
Well, I missed the first ten minutes, but I think I figured it out: SG-1 goes to a planet, the First Jaffa are there, Mitchell and one of the First Jaffa exchange fire. Mitchell wakes up with a different First Jaffa Dude tending his wound.... (I think it's the "Sador" but I heard it as Sodor, which is the island where Thomas the Tank Engine lives, so that just cracked me up imagining all these fierce Jaffa types living with a bunch of Victorian talking train engines. But then I have a toddler, so I'm easily amused)

This was finally a Mitchell episode. Browder got to show a little more range, albeit pretty much the same range as Tom Cruise in the Last Samurai. Some scenes were pretty much identical - including the 'getting his ass-kicked while training and the watching children laugh' scene. Though he didn't fall for any Jaffa girl or really admire their ways, so it's not a perfect comparison. The other half of the episode with the interrogation was mostly filler, though it's good to see Teal'c doing his intimidating best without getting anywhere.

Tony Todd and the CSM (William Davis) were on hand to lend some other genre experience. Though given that Davis barely did anything, I'm presuming he's coming back with a vengeance in a future episode. I'm taking bets on which X-Files actor will be the next to show up on Stargate, now that the casting directors apparently are trying to make sure that none of those actors go without work.

Do the Jaffa have to be so annoying? I realize the culture must be incredibly hidebound to be basically unchanged in five thousand years, but damn... The galaxy's a different place, dudes. Get a move on. Interesting that they're so incredicably conservative and yet jump on the Orii bandwagon so swiftly. maybe they really needed the experience of serving false gods to be suspicious of others. And what was up with that guy that shot Mitchell? *Avenging* the fact that his first shot at Mitchell didn't kill him so he was able to shoot back? Amazing there's any of them left if they battle to the death over that. But then the Jaffa haven't ever in general been the most reasonable of people, have they? I still love how both Bra'tac and Teal'c say in "Allegiance" with perfect seriousness that the Jaffa don't killl each other. Uh, right.... they don't shoot each other in the back, they don't kill each other, and they don't use knives... or right, and they never break under torture. uh huh. Maybe not in Ideal Jaffa Land. I'll not even go into how Gerak is willing to *kill* his allies in order to get "vengeance" on a Goa'uld who is already defeated. The Sador Jaffa seem to have that same disconnect between what they *want* to be true (what tradition says) and what's really going on. Realistic, I suppose, but rather annoying to watch all the same, since it seems like they willfully don't learn anything, even when their noses get shoved into it.

Well, it's my birthday and my parents are in town, so I really can't do this all day. So, here's a summary:

Highpoints: Shirtless!Ben, well-choreographed fight scenes, and Mitchell getting hold of an argument that at least sort of works against the Orii.

Lowpoints: cheesy slo-mo when the Prior appears, annoying Jaffa, total lack of surprise that the guy training Ben was going to end up his opponent (who else could it be? Tony Todd?), and the lack of an interesting B-story for Sam and Daniel to work on. they weren't much help with the interrogation at all, and even that part was pretty dull. Well, it's a Damian Kindler episode, and I rarely like the full episodes he writes, so I'm not surprised this one's not one of my favorites.
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