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15 December 2008 @ 09:08 am
Monday morning  
This is from last night, but it is still amusing to me. The ... thing that happens at the end of the episode in Dexter? We go to that park. It's NOWHERE near Miami. *snerk*

Speaking of things 'round here, it's been raining steadily since about 9 pm last night. It is STILL raining, which is amazing and awesome!

I signed up for stargate_summer after dithering about it last night (dithering because I'm kind of reluctant to put my whacked-out minor character, odd genre idea out in public like that.... ) But YAY! I don't know if trying a wholesale rewrite is going to be easier or harder than starting something from scratch. I'd like it'll be easier, but... I'll definitely need to do some heavy-duty rewatching to get myself back in the frame of mind again.

Dear Chuck, I'm sorry, you are a distant third in my dvr priorities tonight. You are not one of my t.v. boyfriends or the "fall finale" of SCC and so I will have to catch up with you later.