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08 December 2008 @ 08:22 am
that went well  
Kidlet had an "all about me" photo poster project for today, and so yesterday I grabbed a picture of Lightning McQueen to put on the poster as one of his favorite things. I downloaded it into my "My Downloads" folder, cuz that's where I keep all the stuff that isn't family pictures (those go in the My Pictures folder). Then I wanted to print it of course, so I opened it in the Gallery to use the printing wizard and it asked me if I wanted to import it into the Gallery. I said yes.

AND IT IMPORTED EVERYTHING in the folder: all my fannish pictures, my gazillion screencaps, and all my icons. Which is bad enough that the gallery is now unnecessarily cluttered with that stuff when it was all nicely organized in the other folder. But WORSE - it also imported all the TAGS. Pro photos can have a dozen tags imbedded... So I got new tags with exciting and useful organizational things like color, standing, one-shot, retouch, horizontal, hospital, boxing gloves, etc. Not to mention each collection (for the gazillion of Photo Bank pics) got its own tag.


So I started stripping the useless tags last night and decided I might as well start tagging them with useful tags (the imported tags didn't include the names of the people in the image which boggles my mind -- NBC tags by "color" and not by "Katee Sackhoff"? duh). Most weren't tagged at all though). OMG SO TEDIOUS.

But since they got mixed up with Rugrat as a baby, I got to AWWWW a lot. :)
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