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02 November 2008 @ 06:51 pm
Dear Yuletide Author!  

Dear Yuletide Santa:

YAY! I love this challenge and I love you, whoever you are! Thanks for requesting one of my fandoms, because they all need love.

Oh, and I should note for all the fandoms below: THESE ARE JUST IDEAS that I'm throwing around. Feel free to use or not, if you have an idea of your own. I'm just a great believer in brainstorming, and hopefully something here strikes a spark!

(1) CJ Cherryh's Foreigner-verse, Bren and Jago.

For all that we're in Bren's head almost 24/7 in the novels, we know comparatively little about the salacious details of their relationship, how it really got started. What Jago thinks about it all. Or, what about an outsider point of view on it? Like, what happened when Toby found out about the relationship (I'm sure he did at some point)? Or Banichi? Or - wow, this only just occurred to me - Tabini? Might Tabini have 'encouraged' Jago to try something like this? If Bren talked to Tabini at the lodge at all about human sex, Tabini might think of it to bind Bren to the atevi... hm.

I should add, as someone who got this fandom for an assignment last year and was glad to exchange it when the assignments went boom, I understand how intimidating the idea of writing inside the atevi p.o.v. can be. If you can, great - if not, humans are good too!

Basically, I'd love anything that explores Bren and Jago's relationship either from inside (there's a lot of time they're NOT getting shot at, after all; it's just not detailed in the books *g*), or someone else's view of it.

Also, I've read all the novels, so you can set the story whenever you like.

(2) Jeremiah - Markus

Peek around my LJ just a little and you will notice my mad love for Markus. He is my favorite character in the show and one of my favorite characters of all time. I've written him fairly extensively so you can peek at the fics over here if you want an idea of how I do it. But in short: he's very smart, he's brooding, he wants the best but thinks of the worst, he likes to share what he knows but rarely what he feels, he was a child prodigy so he was never "normal", he tries to do the right thing, and he doesn't relate to people all that well.

One of the few things I haven't written myself, but I'd love to read, are some explorations of either his past, during the early days in the Mountain (when TM was still closed to the outside mostly, and the pressures on him being in charge and keeping all these secrets from people who were also his friends), or future, post-series finale. Does he finally have a healthy relationship with anyone? Is he too consumed by nation-building to take a moment and live?

Despite the overwhelming het of the other requests, I should say that Markus is someone I could see partnering with just about anyone in the future, should you want to go there. Fifteen years of hopeless devotion to Meaghan means he's pretty screwed up, and at this point, it's probably more a matter of someone getting through the walls more than whether that person is male or female. So Markus/Jeremiah, M/Erin, M/Lee, M/Kurdy, M/Theo, can all work for me, and I have a secret shippy place in my heart for Markus/Rachel (the woman from Daniel Territory - she doesn't take any crap, and Markus needs and would respect that). I love all of the characters, and whether shippy or not, I don't mind if any others appear, just keep it Markus-centric.

So it's all good. Please don't be alarmed by my... er, treatise. Because of my own various writings, I've thought a great deal about it (oh, I could write REAMS, you have no idea). I JUST WANT MORE MARKUS FIC. pretty please?

Final note: I don't like the graphic novel script that made the rounds, and I don't consider it canon. Please don't use it.

(3) Madeleine L'Engle - Vicky/Adam

I read and loved all the L'Engle books ages ago, and recently because of her death was considering them again. But it wasn't until a friend off-handedly implied that Suzy married Adam in A Severed Wasp (which I hadn't read, so I didn't know she was even in that book) that my fifteen-year-old inner self wailed that Adam belonged to Vicky. So, it appears I have an OTP after all... :)

So I would like some sort of Adam/Vicky shippy-ish ... thing. Between Ring of Endless Light and Troubling a Star, or afterward, or future. Vicky's POV or Adam's, either one. His p.o.v. on RoEL might be interesting. I guess, since this is the L'Engle-verse so it shouldn't be FLUFFY -- but I just want them together, even if there's something else sad going on.

*flaily hands* SOMETHING! okay, so hopefully that was helpful.

(4)Persuasion, Frederick and Anne

Persuasion is my favorite Austen novel, and it speaks to my romantic side but also because Anne is more mature than the others, she's more ... realistic? more tempered, perhaps. She's still in love with Frederick and she has regrets, but she doesn't just sit around and pine all day, either, but keeps doing. My husband also said once that Persuasion reminded him of us - which is probably the most romantic thing he's ever said to me so this novel is also special to me for that reason.

Um, how about some ideas? There's the backstory of what happened when he proposed the first time, or, of course, anything that might have happened afterward, did she go to sea with him, did she actually like it? did they have kids? etc.

Even though it's very romantic, I don't need anything overly sappy or fluffy; after all, part of the appeal of this novel is that they're not teenagers. But other than that, anything from quiet moments at home, letters, to an adventure at sea... I'm open!

For all the fandoms, have fun! Don't worry - I'll love it!

It occurred to me that quite a few of my prompts/ideas could lead to sex.... and I should mention that I am, as a rule, not a big fan of the PWP. I don't mind explicitness, but I vastly prefer it as part of a story and anchored to the people and time and place they're in.

I am, however, a big fan of h/c and angst. I love characters dealing with secrets, lies, crumbling psyches, and guilt. I enjoy humor as much as the next person, but I rarely can write it myself.

*smooches you*

Thank you for offering to write a story for one of my favorite things in the whole world! You are awesome!