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stuff and SPN 404

I did the halloween meme and cujoy gave me a DEAD FROG! ew... *defriends* :)

and I got some "evil flavored nuggets". What does evil taste like? And should it really be counted as candy or a trick?


On the not ew...

Sam Anders has finally been added to the character list at! yay!
I'm not sure about the addition of Sharon Valerii/Athena/Boomer to the list though. I'm sure it was meant to be a correction, but the Pit added it as a new character. oops.


Now THAT first confrontation was a thing of beauty. That final moment of the teaser when we see that Dean watched the whole exorcism? yes. And then the fight, and the lies coming to light. Dean telling him that the Guy Upstairs did not APPROVE of Sam's activities and Sam finally seemed to get it.

Is Sam really sleeping with Ruby? They seem to be implying that pretty heavily, without actually going there. oh SAM NO. I know you were in a bad place when Dean was gone, but you don't sleep with the demon-inside-the-girl-who-can't-consent.

How great was that part when Dean was telling Sam how awesome their mom was? awww..

Vampiric beastie thing as parallel to Sam (and also another Jeremiah alum. She didn't even die!) Another hunter goes down. I really hope the hunters're generally a bit better, y'know, at the rate the beasties get them. No wonder the Underworld's so scared of Sam and Dean since they're the only ones who actually win, most of the time.

Lots of yicky GOOOOORE. but several funny things too: MANBURGER HELPER. Dean calling Castiel "Cass".

Ok, so all in all, a fairly middle-of-the-road ep, nothing like the pure concentrated AWESOME of last week, but I think important for clearing up some of the communication issues between the boys, and getting Sam to come (mostly) clean about what he knows and what he's been doing.

THough, yeah, he's gonna stop using those powers. Real soon now. Not for nothing they just paralleled the FLESH EATING MONSTER with alcoholism...

And speaking of SPN, I bought Supernatural S.3 today at Costco. SOMEHOW they leaped right off the shelf into my cart. There must have been an earthquake or some telekinetic demon wanted me to have them, I swear! I went in there for paper towels, not dvds.
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